now we need dry scalp shampoo

Going to the Dentist is Supposed to be Good For You

Midgardians are encouraged to visit their dentist twice per year, just to make sure nothing is rotten or loose.  These mortals spend a lot of time and money on their teeth, and for what?  They get maybe ninety years out of them.  Pffft! That’s nothing!  I’ll have you know Jotuns NEVER have to go to the dentist.  Our teeth will last for millennia, we never get cavities, and, unless one is knocked out in battle, we never lose them.  Asgardians are much the same.  Proof again that Midgard is Yggdrasil’s lowest, least-highly-evolved branch, probably due for  a good, hard pruning. (Don’t blame me–I tried!)

Howsomever, Sigyn and I have accompanied the human female on a visit to her dentist.  We actually like going with her, because a) she gets tortured and has to PAY for it,  b) there are toys, and c) the dentist and hygienist there are quite friendly and never fail to greet us.  Still, Sigyn has had one or two little mishaps there, as have I.  So let us say we are cautiously enthusiastic.

What’s this?!  Our friendly dentist has retired?!  Great Frigga’s knitting needles, this is intolerable!  The new dentist seems friendly enough and is pleased to make our acquaintance, though.  I suppose we shall just have to get used to the new dentist, new front desk help, new decor, and new equipment.

For example, there is apparently a new, extra-powerful spit-sucker


Hold on, dearest–I’ll save you!

>|: [