one man's trash is another man's mischief material

It’s a Start

Twice a year, the city sponsors a Household Hazardous Waste Day, where all the citizens can bring and drop off old paint; household chemicals like cleaners; pesticides and other garden products; motor oil; old electronics; and other nasty what-have-yous. They make it very easy–load it all in the trunk of your car, drive up, and Brave and Helpful Volunteers will take out all the unpleasantnesses, sort them, and dispose of them properly.

Fun Fact: the drop-off site is usually the parking lot of the building that houses the herbarium. Once, I saw to it that the human female needed to go work at the herbarium on HHWD. She had to wait in the very long line with everyone else and then do a rapid left turn and outrun all the guards so as to get where she needed to go. They were not amused, but I was!

More often than not, the humans have something else going on that day and are either out of town or unable to wait in the very long line of cars and so don’t participate. They have their waterfowl linearly configured today, though, and have filled the car with all sorts of gleanings from the house and garage. I need to see what they propose to toss, in case they’re disposing of something I might need for future mischief.

There is quite a lot of stuff here.

Astute readers may recognize the sad remains of the human female’s defunct Obsolete Technology Troubles (Ott) light.

Farewell, old friend. I got a lot of mischief mileage out of you!

There are bulbs for the Ott and for a few other things.

I really miss the days of compact fluorescents… The human female was terrified of those things! Nowadays, I have to get my mercury someplace else.

There is a whole bucket-o-oil for the old gas-powered lawn mower the human female no longer has.

Hmm. Lawn mower… Lawn mower… Do you know, the electric one has provided dependable service for two years now. I think it’s time it blew a fuse or had the blade snap off or a wheel fall off or something. If nothing else, the bolts holding the handle to the body could be loosened to good effect. I’ll add that to my To Do list. Thanks for the reminder!

Great Frigga’s Corset! Look at all the old drugs!

You could medicate an army with all this stuff! There is no way I’m letting them get rid of all of this. You never know when you will need to create some wacky or perplexing side-effects or symptoms. Besides, a lot of medicines are (theoretically) good well beyond their “expiration” dates. No, I will definitely be putting some of these back in the medicine cupboard. Next Gaming Weekend, we can play a rousing game of “Is the Rash From the Allergen or the Cream?” or “Do My Swollen-shut Eyes Make My Face Look Fat”?

Won’t that be fun?

(a bit later)

I’ve sorted through all of it and will let them haul most of it off, keeping only the really good stuff for myself. It’s a start, I suppose, on making the house safer for the inhabitants. There’s still half the garage to do, though, and some under-sink spaces. Oh, and the freezer. There are containers of the human female’s cooking in there, and that some of that stuff could kill

>|: [

P. S. The WORST household hazardous waste is what Taffy Cat leaves in the litterbox…