open wide sigyn and i will squirt the cream right into your smiling little mouth

This Is More Like It

The human female has ceased eating dubious green things and has arrived at the portion of the Eating Festivities nearest and dearest to my heart–and Sigyn’s.


It’s pie o’clock!

Midgardians may have come up with some truly BAD  ideas over the course of their very short and brutish history, but pie is not one of them.  Pie?  Pie is good.


And whichever inventive and not-quite-so-brutish mortal discovered that pie is even better upon the application of aerated bovine nutrient fluid?  Truly, that fellow needs a statue in his honor.

But before we start giving the mortals too much credit for being sufficiently evolved from their primitive primate ancestors, let us pause amidst the feasting to contemplate that the most popular dessert here today is something called…


Monkey Bread.

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