packets of sticky rice with dates

Is There Anything to Eat at This Graduation Shindig?

Sigyn, how are you doing, hungry-wise?  I’m feeling a bit peckish.  While the humans are blathering away, let us go assess the quantity and quality of the refreshments.

What are these little leaf-wrapped triangles?  Snacks in bondage!  Most unusual…


There could be anything in there!  The human female wants to try one.  We’ll see if she keels over before trying some ourselves.

Trust Sigyn to find the cookies.  She is very excited.  The human female’s ears have certainly perked up, and her nose is twitching.


(Nibble, nibble)  Mmm.  Meringues with… coconut!  These please me!  The human female, who is perpetually watching her weight, says these don’t really “count,” since they’re “mostly air.”  Never let it be said, however, that I am unhelpful.  I shall eat them all myself (except for the ones I let Sigyn enjoy), just to remove the temptation.

Behold!  The graduation cake.


What are those things covering the bottom tier, Sigyn?  It looks as if it is covered in crushed cornflakes, but surely not?

The human female is going to be brave and find out what all those little round yellow things are, and whether the maroon icing is edible.


Answers:  “Gold sugar sprinkles” and “marginally”

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