A Very Shiny Tradition, Part III: A Glass Garden

In the last case, we saw a paperweight that had a lamp-work flower in the middle of the little flowery cut canes.  Here’s another one.


And another.


It’s obvious the human female did NOT get a new camera for yule.

Some of the flowers are sort of…generic.  Take this white one:


That could be almost anything.

But quite a few of the paperweights on display have flowers so perfectly wrought that Sigyn can tell what they are meant to be!

There’s a waterlily…


And some violets… (Thanks for boosting Sigyn up, mortal.)


An orchid…


A morning glory —-with a bonus butterfly!


A maybe a quince?  Or a peony?



Or is this the quince???


An I’m not sure WHAT this one is.


(Fine, maybe they’re not all botanically correct.)

Roses seem to be well-represented.


And then there are a number of bouquets.  Sigyn likes this one because of the blue Veronica flowers.


The detailon some of these vitreous nosegays is amazing.


Sigyn says they look real enough to smell.  Know what they smell like Sigyn?


Silicon dioxide with traces of impurities. 

>|: [


A Very Shiny Tradition, Part II: I Don’t Know Who Millie Is, But She Has Lots of Flowers

Not all of the paperweights are holiday-themed.  There are a number of the Millie fiori sort.  Sigyn is just fascinated by all the little flowery slices.


I have seen candy that looks like those.  But again, Sigyn, these are not for eating.

millefiori flowers

How did they get all of those in there??

This one has all the flowers in a basket.


This is what it looks like from above.


Sigyn really likes this one.  She says the hearts and pansies would be good for Valentine’s Day.  (We might have to come back and look at this again.)


This one has a lamp-work flower in the middle of the tiny flowers.


Ehehehehe!  Looks like someone just swept up all the bits and schnibbles after making all the other paperweights and jammed them all in one big blob.


Probably what it would look like if the human female tried her hand at this…

More to come!

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Our Annual Christmas Treat, Part II: Weighty Matters

Sigyn adores glass paperweights. It’s one of the first things I learned about her.

It always makes me happy to see her so happy to look at a bunch of them.


She has a special fondness for the floral ones.


That blue one seems to have really caught her eye.


The one with the tiny orchid is also pretty.


Someone should take her sweet face and immortalize it.

Happy Yule, dearest!

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A gift for Sigyn, Part III– Ooo! A catalog! (Sigyn speaks)

This little trip to look at all the pretty paperweights has been such fun. Loki picks the best presents!

The museum has a bookshelf one can browse. One of the books appears to be a guide to glass paperweights, showing the different kinds and makers and noting a ballpark price for each. Wow. Some of them are pretty pricey.


I had no idea there were so many different kinds. Wait–is that a golfer?

I know that Loki doesn’t care for paperweights the way I do, but I wonder if there is a kind he would like. (flip, flip, flip)

Found one! Number 10.


Wouldn’t you say that was just perfect for a Frost Giant?

: )

A gift for Sigyn, Part II–So hard to choose!

Sigyn, which one is your favorite? Do you like the round ones, or the ones that are more oddly shaped?


(Isn’t my girl photogenic? You can’t take a bad picture of her.)


She has narrowed it down to two: the blue one with all the tiny flowers and the one with pink hearts AND flowers. I guessed it! She’s chosen the pink one.

How long do you suppose it would take, if I rearranged the other displays and labels, for the curatorial staff to notice that one of their millefiori paperweights was missing?

(And what, exactly, do Midgardians need all the paperweights FOR, anyway? Are there frequent gravitational anomalies that cause reams and sheaves and leaves to just fly about, willy-nilly? Are there receipt vortices and note-storms? Hurricanes of household accounts and random typhoons of tax scrolls? Asgard has its flaws, but our paperwork stays put without recourse to random heavy objects or the glassblower’s art.)

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A gift for Sigyn, Part I–A Glass Garden

I very much wanted to find a special Yule gift for my lovely Sigyn. After giving it a lot of thought, I decided to follow the notion that the best presents are experiences, rather than things.

Sigyn, as has been noted before, is quite fond of glass paperweights. Thus, now that the holiday festivities have subsided, I have arranged a visit to the fine collection of glass paperweights housed in one of the University’s galleries. (The gallery is closed for the holiday, but pfft! a locked door never stopped a determined Loki.)


Sigyn is beside herself. Look at all of them! And all of these appear to have flowers within! She is doubly happy.


Be careful, dearest. You are leaving little nose smudges on the case…

>|: [