The Humans Have Odd Friends, Part III: Dessert!

That was wonderful!  Sigyn and I took one of those little spacecrafts out for a test flight.  They’re tiny, but so fast, and so responsive!  The controls are easy to master, too.  Why do not the boring humans I live with have craft such as these?  Oh, right.  Because they’re DULL.

Ah!  See, Sigyn, as I promised–we have returned in time to sample dessert.  I approve of these small candies.


They’re definitely a good color.  They should all have little L’s, though, and not those silly m’s.

Oooh, Sigyn–look over there!  Sleipnir’s feedbag–what an array of tempting sweets!  I see pie and cookies and more cookies and some clever candy mice.


(munch, munch)  I am glad now we eschewed the main courses–more room for pie!  Sigyn, my petal, aren’t you going to sample any?

Oh.  Should have known.  Too busy making friends with the mice.  You can cuddle them here, dearest, but you cannot bring them home with us.  They would just scurry under the furniture and the feline would be up all night howling after them.  You and I are perfection, of course, but the human female needs all the beauty sleep she can get.

>|: [

Just Desserts

Oh, summertime! Those fair, hot, hazy days when markets and cooling boxes overflow with fruit.  The human female is famous for buying things, then forgetting about them and letting them languish and turn to furry compost.

But not today!  She has taken the blue fruits and some red fruits and made this appealing, rustic galette.  “Galette” is a Midgardian term which roughly translates to, “I want pie but am too lazy to trim edges or crimp.”


It looks good now, but I am no fool.  I know one cannot eat raw pastry.  All right, all right.  One should not eat raw pastry.

Ahh.  Better.  Although I see that the holes I poked in the crust did their job…  Fruit ooze everywhere!


Mmm.  Butter…  That short crust smells divine!  If Sigyn and I weren’t on our way out to see a film, we would love to partake.

(later)  Outrage!   The humans and the blue-haired goddaughter ate half the galette.  Then the female hid the leftovers where I couldn’t find them, so no midnight snack for poor Loki and Sigyn.

And now the greedy wench is proposing to eat the other half for breakfast!


(one feline-based distraction later…)


>|: 9

In which we go to a wedding reception.

I’m not sure this is an auspicious beginning to the day.

Another typical inn breakfast. It appears that everything on offer today is…yellow. And is that supposed to be an egg? What do you have to do to an egg to make it look like that?


The wedding is being held at a small church. Not this one, the one next to it. This one has a fence and notices all around it. The wall was just falling away from the rest of the building, and they’ve had to prop it up.


And before you ask, No, I did not do it. It was like that when we got here.

Well, that was not fair. I was not allowed to go to the actual ceremony. (The human female says I can’t be trusted in a house of worship. I don’t know why… I am a GOD, after all!) But Sigyn and I have been invited to the reception, which is being held in the parish hall. I’m given to understand that is a casual “country” reception–pit-roasted sausages in a spicy sauce, twangy local music, the bride and groom wearing pointy-toed boots. Interesting. The table decorations are small trees…


… which Sigyn has of course climbed. She will no doubt smell like rosemary for a week. (Which is not a bad thing.)

Rather than the traditional cake, the bride and groom have elected to serve multiple kinds of pie. I approve! Sigyn has chosen apple, while I am intrigued by this confection which includes nuts, butter, eggs, whiskey, and an alarming but delectable amount of sugar.


Oh, by Sleipnir’s monstrous farrier bill! The human female has scarfed down half our pies and now she is dancing. Eye bleach! I believe I need some eye bleach.

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