Pop! Goes the Mischief!

The human male doesn’t like the College Station water.   News flash for you, mortal:

No one does.

So that’s why he avoids it when he can.  He drinks a lot of flavored fizzy water instead.  I’ve no objection to the concoction myself, but sometimes I get sick of tripping over twelve-packs of the stuff, and the human female is always asking me to take the cans out to the recycling barrel.

Fat chance.  Let the mortal take care of his own leavings.

Today, I have had enough.  I have bespelled his beverages, and half the ones in this particular carton, when opened, are going to practically explode with a loud noise and a bit of twisty metal just perfect for slicing fingers.


Ehehehehe!  Look at him jump!

>|: [

Things Were Going Fine Until…

It is actually nice outside today—sunny and clear; cool but not cold; all the spring plants just starting to come into their own.  In short, a perfect day for a walk with my sweetie!

a nice walk

I love how the sun brings out the auburn in her hair.

Sleipnir’s fetlocks!  Is that who I think it is?


It is!  It’s my horrible sister-in-law Gunnehilde; my not-lost-long-enough, horribler half-sister Hela; and the horriblest big, green behemoth who assaulted my person at our last meeting in New York.   They do not look as if they have come for tea.  Don’t worry, Sigyn!  I’ll protect you!


What do you three want?!  Sigyn, sit tight while I deal with these pestilent persons.

closer still

Uh, oh!  On second thought, RUN!!


Sigyn would never forgive me if harmed her sister.  Instead, I’ll just teleport my beloved and myself to safety.

One… two…THREE!! 


>|: O