producical oddities

We Always End Up Here (But I Don’t Mind)

No trip to the Big City to the South would be complete without a good wander through the Large Market to see what producical oddities or strange beer labels are on offer.   So here we are, torn sleeve and all.

Sigyn is delighted to find fresh lychees.


I’m sure they’re delicious, my love, but aren’t they a bit spikey to sit on?

There are some new friends to be made in the kitchenwares department.


Now, I may not have a degree in biology, but I’m pretty sure that rabbits’ tails don’t look like that.  Or attach to the top of the hips.  Oh, wait.  The tail is fine, there’s just this extra loopy bit of flesh that can be used as a handle.  Should have had that removed at birth and spared the poor, unfortunate lapin from a life of dairy-based servitude.

This calf is more anatomically correct.


Aside, you know, from the whole gaping-hole-where-the-vertebrae-and-viscera-ought-to-be thing.

Human female, I think you should marshal your scanty intellectual capabilities and write some technical papers:  The Effects of Caudal Deformities on Employment Opportunities and Outcomes Among Porcelainimous LagomorphsA Novel Form of Bovine Spina Bifida With Concomitant Thoracic Vacuity.  Frigga knows your C.V. could use some punching up…

Moving on!  I think the floral department might be Sigyn’s favorite.  It’s nearly summer, which means a lot of bright, bold, “sizzling” colors.  Sigyn says she has a soft spot for zinnias–mostly because they ARE a soft spot.  Also, they come in red, which is always a plus.


Hmm.  The sign says, “Local Flavor.”  I know that’s just meant to highlight in-state sources of floral goods, but could you really eat a zinnia?  Hey, human male, whip out that i-phone you like so much and look it up.  Edible?  Yes?  Well, I’ll be.

By Idunn’s Little Apples!  These yellow buttercups are ENORMOUS!  And so shiny they look like they’ve just been waxed.


Next to the dianthus, the effect is very striking.

Say, I think I feel a poem coming on:

Roses are red
Dianthus is purple
Buttercups yellow
And hiccups are burple

And finally, for those persons who really can’t figure out whether or not they should nibble on the floral arrangements, I give you this stunning masterpiece in pink, purple, white, and green, complete with makings for coleslaw.


They always say you shouldn’t go shopping hungry or you will buy too much.  I guess if you do, and you somehow manage to make it safely through the produce, the bins of candy, the bakery, the cheese counter, and the ready-made meals, they will still get you with an $85.00 bouquet of edible posies and foliage.

Had enough shopping for one day, Sigyn?  Let’s get you home and see about mending your sleeve.

>|: [