proper use of the subjunctive

Adapt, Adopt, Improve: What Do You Do With a Broken Lambo?

Someone should do something about this stoopid car.  It’s a safe bet the human female isn’t going to bestir herself to put it away properly or sell it or give it to the public radio station that is always asking for people to “donate their old clunker, running or not.”  No, it will probably just sit here, shedding parts, until I use it for target practice, which will be satisfying, but messy.


Hmm.   What to do?   What to do…


Aha!  Of course.  I shall take advantage of its inherent inclination to divest itself of its wheels…


A little tinker here,

a little magic there,

a gyro or two



Hoverboards for everybody!

>|: [


Sigyn Speaks: Making Shopping Lists a Little More Fun

Hi!  Sigyn here.  I thought today I would do something fun to make the humans smile a little.  Every week, they sit down and plan out the menu for the coming days, making note of who has what activity in the evenings, or any other event that might impact dinner plans.  The human male jots down menu ideas and makes note of what’s already to hand in the freezer and pantry, as well as any special weather notes.  I don’t think there’s much chance of it being cold and rainy enough to want soup anytime soon, but it never hurts to check the forecast!

Then they make a shopping list.  Loki has been known to sabotage the list on more than one occasion.  I thought it might make a nice change if the list this week were cheerful and funny.

I like to draw little animals eating the items on the list:

shopping list-1

I mean, I think a curly-horned goat would enjoy nectarines and blueberries, don’t you?  I know the feline here would love a bag of shredded Asiago cheese.  The raccoon looks like the one the human female found in her car.  This one is trying to steal the tomato paste!

Loki thinks I’m silly.  But crocodiles are fun to draw, and this one likes tomato bisque and enchilada sauce!

shopping list-2

Oooo! That is a THIRSTY cow!

Yes, Loki, it makes for a very goofy list.  I know you don’t care much for gophers who are requesting toothbrushes for good oral hygiene…

shopping list-3

But do you like the ice cream-licking snake?  I drew him just for you!

: )

Impressions of a throne

The human female does have some garden plants she hasn’t managed to kill. Take, for example, this bed of irises.


For one week in April, it resembles a work by the Midgardian painter Monet. (I saw his work in a book and was intrigued. Frigga would adore Impressionist art, Odin would dismiss it as unrealistic, and Thor… That boor Thor would ask if were time for lunch yet.)


Each velvety blossom lasts but a single day. What a fleeting perch for my beloved!

But royal purple is a fitting throne indeed for the rightful King of Asgard.