Eggs of the East, Part II: But is it Art?

FINALLY, we have begun to actually dye the eggs, which looks simple enough, but the human female still has not explained whether this is a special method of food preparation or merely a very wet, vinegary, messy art project.

Oh, it’s art you can eat? Stand aside, mortal. Let a god show you what fine art looks like.

Sigyn says I cannot make all of them green. I do what I want!


But I will let Sigyn try her hand There is no red dye, but my clever sweetie has made a pink egg that shades somewhat from dark to light. Very nice.


Now she is trying all the colors and the lazy human has turned the whole endeavor over to her.

Clever, clever Sigyn! Oh, well done! As usual, she is a bit of an overachiever when it comes to handicrafts. Look at this hard-cooked rainbow of gallinaceous ova!


Now she’s just showing off…


>|: [