purveyor of cat goop

My Guess Is The Feline Never Gets These

The mail-order Purveyor of Cat Goop, in addition to rubberized sailor hats, has included some other free items in the order.


This sphere is interesting.  It is very nearly red and green.  And it jingles!

cattoys 2

And this one makes a fine, annoying crinkly noise.

cattoys 3

I doubt very seriously that the superannuated feline will bestir herself to play with either of these, but the hard plastic jingly one can profitably be left where the human female will step on it barefoot, and the crinkly one can easily be slipped into her pillow case…

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More Goop for the Feline

The mortals have changed the pharmacy from which they purchase the feline’s many medicines.  Cheaper goop-shipping and auto-refils are definite inducements.  The new medicaments have arrived.  Let’s inspect them for mischief potential.

The new put-up for the beast’s thyroid medicine is some sort of pen-like thing.  I do not understand how it works.  Sigyn, can you figure out the instructions?

cat medicine 2

“Turn barrel two full rotations to receive full dose.”  Ah.  Now I see.  The end part twists and makes clicky noises and goop comes out.

cat medicine1

I shall enspell this so that after the human female wipes the dosage off onto a gloved finger, it continues to ooze, so that at the next dosing, there’s already some goo extruded.  That should be amusing.  And messy.  And imprecise.

The pharmacy has included some little round rubber things.  I can’t imagine what they’re for…

cat medicine 3

Unless they are prophylactics for pixies or…

Great Frigga’s Corset!  No, Sigyn, DO NOT PUT THAT ON YOUR HEAD!!

cat medicine 4

Although, I must admit it has a rather jaunty, nautical flair.

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