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My Favorite Fall Color, Part I: Mostly Red (Sigyn Speaks)

It’s here!  It’s really here!

At long last, the calendar and East Texas are in synch–IT’S FALL!!!

The days are still warm, but I think, I think, we’ve seen the last of the really nasty heat.  The mornings are cool, the nights are sleepable, the mockingbirds are singing and swooping for territory, and it has done nothing recently but rain.  (The lawn is so happy!)

Loki and I are out for a little walk between showers.  The neighborhood is fine, but there is a lot to see right around the house.  And a lot of it is RED!

I would know it is fall if this was the only plant I saw.


Schoolhouse lilies!  They just pop right up without leaves.  The first ones nose their way up out of the grass every year when the fall semester starts.  The human female says she started with three bulbs.   There must be many more of them by now, because the flowers pop up a few every day for weeks.  I just want to hug them!

This red sage flowers off and on all year, but it really likes fall best.


The hummingbirds like it a lot, and so do I!  It’s pretty good for dangling.

The hummers like the Turk’s cap even better.


I’ve always wanted to pet a hummingbird–they are just too cute, and they have the sweetest little squeaky voices!  Maybe if I put up a feeder and sat on it…

The humming birds like the morning-glories, too.  They aren’t red, but they are native, which is a good thing.


They’ve crawled all over the compost heap’s enclosure, scrambled up the sapling hackberry by the driveway, and climbed into the neighbor’s holly tree.


It’s very festive every morning!

They have spread down the side of the house and overrun the iris bed and the little, useless fencey bit.


Not to mention the other side of the fencey bit and the rest of the irises.


There are some in the front yard as well.  It all comes of not weeding very much, but what a happy accident!

: )



An Unexpected Visitor (Sigyn Speaks)

I love this time of year!  The days are a little cooler, the evenings are quite a bit cooler (good snuggling weather!), and some of the fall flowers are really lovely.

I didn’t have to go very far to find these beauties.  They are right in the front yard!


I could sit up here forever and just watch butterflies.


Hold on, who’s down there?


“Hi, Sigyn!  How are you today?”

“Steve?  Oh, hi!  I’m fine–aren’t the schoolhouse lilies lovely?”

“Gorgeous!  If you’d like to come down for a moment, I have something for you.”



“It’s nothing big.  It’s just that fall always makes me think of baking.  My mother used to make the most delicious apple cake and I got to missing her and wanting some, so I fiddled around trying to recreate her recipe.  After about the fifth try, I think I got it right.  The house is full of apple cake, and since I shouldn’t eat it all myself and don’t know too many people around here, I thought you might like some.”


“That is so thoughtful of you!  It looks yummy!”


“Thank you so much!   I’m sure Loki will enjoy it too.  Um, how will I get the plate back to you?”

“Oh, no worries. I’m sure we’ll run into each other at some point.  Enjoy the cake!  Bye now!”

He is just the kindest person!  Loki will be excited about having something special for dessert tonight…

: )