rubbery plants

Proof That it *IS* Possible

The lawn and garden are already showing signs of flagging, in the wake of recent torrential rains and the human female’s neglect.  Cue the usual whining about the poor soil, etc.  Therefore, on today’s walk about the neighborhood, I am taking pains in pointing out to the human female all the yards and gardens that demonstrate just what is possible and just how badly she is failing.


See, Sigyn, someone has managed to grow some very nice blue flowers.  Why don’t we have these?  Laziness, that’s all it is.


Ooh, Sigyn, doesn’t this plant feel funny?  It’s all rubbery!  Surely something made of rubber should be indestructible enough that even she can’t kill it?  The little starry flowers are just a bonus.

Sigyn is especially enamoured of this brightly-flowered shrub, and no wonder why!


It would provide some much-needed beauty to our yard.


As well as a steady supply of very fine hats.

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