A May Walk, Part I: Warming up for the Floral Olympics

It’s May.  And it’s an odd May.  Some of the early spring flowers are still up and about, while the late spring/early summer flowers are hitting their stride.  Sigyn is delighted, because it means she can have red AND yellow.


That is a Black-Eyed Susan  up there with the Indian Paintbrush.  Trust the mortals to name flowers after facial contusions.  There is quite a bit of variation amongst the Susans.  Some have brown or mahogany markings; some don’t.


Looks like Sigyn is practicing her parallel bar routine. The roadsides are quite yellow with these and with Coreopsis.  In places, it looks as if someone has melted a school bus.


The human female says the Coreopsis is commonly called “tick-seed.”  I listened.  I didn’t hear anything.


Sigyn?  Sigyn, are you dangling upside down again?


That’s my girl!  These skills come in handy on the high bar, rings, and uneven parallel bars.


It’s windy today, so careful on the dismount!

>|: [

A May Walk, Part II: Nice, Nasty, & Nosh

The human female is moving pretty slowly today. ( I think she stayed up too late last night and ate too much lunch today.) I may need to poke her with a pointy stick in her hinderparts to keep her moving or we’ll be out here until dark.

However, the slow place gives Sigyn a chance to really look closely at the flowers. She has taken a liking to these black-eyed susans. Look, one of them has dark circles under its eye(s), just like the human female!


While Sigyn and the mortal are poking about in the tall grass (no doubt acquiring a myriad of chigger bites), I can flop down on this mock bishop’s-weed (who names these things?!) and have a little nap. It’s lacy, but surprisingly supportive and good for the posture.


(Go away, bug. Do not bother the god while he is resting.)

Drat. We are moving again. Sigyn wants to know why this baby oak is pink at the branch tips.


The human female says that it is a second flush of spring growth, thanks to all the rain. I say it’s embarrassed to be seen in such nerdy company.

More pink:


No! Sigyn, don’t hug it! Yes, I know it’s “all cute and poofy,” but look at all the sharp prickles along the stem! This vegetable powder-puff is not your friend.

Here. I shall hold one for you so that you can see it up close. The flowers are safe to pet.


Hmm. I do not know about Sigyn, but I am beginning to feel a wee bit peckish. (The human female, of course, will at any time eat anything that doesn’t get out of her way quickly enough.)

We are in luck! Look, sweetling! Remember the dewberry blossoms we found month before last? Our patience has been rewarded–now we have fruit! Just be careful–those stems are covered with detachable prickles.


Don’t they look delici— Ugh! No, Sigyn, you can’t eat them when they are red!


Those are going to be sour. You have to look for the black ones. We could make pie!


Yes, I know you think the red ones are prettier, but I’m telling you they aren’t *ripe.* Sigh. Eat them if you must, my love. Loki will rub your tummy later when it aches.

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