run benno run

Prunus tripla

It is still cherry season.  The human male did the grocery marketing and came home with a bag of the biggest, blackest cherries I have ever seen.

How big are they?


They’re a little less than one Benno in height, about two Bennos around, and about three Bennos in weight.


He’s terrified of them.


Run, Benno, run!

There are a lot of twin cherries in the double handful the human female brought for lunch.

Idunn’s Pomes and Ponytails!  It’s a triple cherry!  I have never seen the like!


How does one pull a triple cherry?  I guess we need someone else to participate.  No, Fisi, I’m not letting you do it. I don’t want hyena spit on my fruit!


Let’s go see if we can find someone else to play with us…



A Visit From the Eater Bunny, Part IV: Well, Hel, Let’s Just Get Everyone In On It

Guess the word got out that we’ve got candy, because the whole damn gang is here now.

“We do not have gummy rabbits in Wakanda.”

“There’s more sugar here than in my Sugar Dojo.”


“Friend Steve, what flavor do you think this large butterfly is?”

“Dunno.  Think I should lick it and find out?”


“Ja, Remus.  Die karotte ist much gummi.”


तिमी मेरो ललिपप स्वाद गर्न चाहनुहुन्छ


“I don’t have my blaster with me, but if any of you chumps even thinks about nibbling on my buddy Groot, keep in mind I don’t need no blaster to stomp ya into hasenpfeffer.”


“I admire a man who doesn’t feel threatened by a pink bunny.”

“And that blue one matches your lovely outfit.”


“You know, little dude, I could build you some armor so that no one would dare try to bite your ears off.  Interested?”


Lick it!  Lick it!  Lick it!  Lick it!”


Benno is scared of butterflies.

I could have predicted that, I think.

Fisi, NO!


>|: [

More Goopy Goodness

Sigyn and I have been having so much fun with the wily putty that we invited some friends over to play.

Muffy and Sigyn have all sorts of plans for it…


… though it appears that it makes a lousy jump-rope.

Yelp, is that…?


Why yes.  Yes it is.  A putty angel.

“यो के हो? मलाई थाहा छैन, तर यो खेल्न मजा छ।”

Arnold says it has “ze interestink ferro-magnetic properties. Observe, ze sparkly bits are minute particles of iron.”


Benno is certain it is out to “get” him and is just trying to get away.


Thor has just found out that even dents from the Mighty Mjolnir just heal right up,


while the ever-pompous Iron Man has discovered that there is a huge magnet buried in the ball of goo.  Let’s see you work your way free of THAT, Mr. Smartypants Stark!

While everyone is engaged in stretching and whacking and poking, I think I’ll take a good handful of this and work it down between all the keys of the human female’s computer keyboard.  That should be good for some very colorful language!

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