Concluding With Comestibles

We did, indeed, continue our day in the Big City to the West with a visit to a Japanese home goods store, the Japanese stationery and book emporium, and the enormous Asian grocery store. Miraculously, we did not purchase anything in any of them. How does that even happen? Are you humans sure you are feeling all right?

As we so often do, we are finishing our trip to the a Big City with a trip to the Large Market. The produce is the first section inside the entrance. There are no new varieties of apple today, so the human female is a little bummed, but Sigyn is just enchanted by the new mushroom incubators they’ve put in.

She wants to know if we can put one in the house, but since mildew is a fungus, I think we already have more than our fair share of fungi in the bathroom.

I am quite intrigued by these heirloom tomatoes.

The green ones are nice enough, but any wolf peach so black it matches my soul has got to take first place in my dark little heart.

This is a very confusing sign.

They in no way resemble chili/chile peppers, so I’m guessing they mean that these pears are from Chile, which is impressive. Pears do not travel well, being thin-skinned and prone to poke one another with their stems when they get bored in transit. But just what part of these is supposed to be flamingo-ish? (They certainly can’t be part pear and part flamingo because, sadly, genetics just doesn’t work that way. Although it does give me some ideas…)

My last mischief of the day, (other than seeing that the first two stops the humans make to use the restroom before hitting the road are sans working plumbing), is to ensure that the humans’ favorite brand of tiny pretzels is unavailable. While they search just to make sure a bag hasn’t gotten wedged behind something else, I’m going to go look at the floral section with my sweetie.

This display of bouquets in all sorts of warm colors is exactly to Sigyn’s taste.

But it could maybe use more yellow…

That is a lovely arrangement, Sigyn. The fringe-y white tulips are especially nice and the grouping as a whole would make a very pretty wedding bouquet. But it gives me the most horrible feeling that you and I forgot to celebrate our maybe-wedding anniversary this year. Let’s plan to make up for it sometime soon, yes?

I owe you an adventure!

>|: [

Mischief in Houston, Part III: Food Geekery

Now I know what the small ice chest we brought down in the car is for. The humans are visiting one of their large, fancy indoor food markets. The human female can hardly restrain herself. She and Sigyn are actually cooing at the various botanical offerings.


Yes, yes, Sigyn. The “eeeetty beeetty” squashes are “cute,” but people are staring.


No, I did not know that the ‘Easter Egg” radish variety came in so many colors. Should I care?

Oh. The lights have just flickered. Was that thunder? It is supposed to be stormy outside today.


Clever Sigyn has found an umbrella in the event of an indoor downpour.

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