Sigyn has decided color preferences

I Have to Hand it to Her

The  human female, as noted previously, is part magpie. She is always picking up bits of flotsam and jetsam, especially twinkly flotsam and sparkly jetsam.  Occasionally, though, she’ll pick up other stuff, even if it’s ragged and nasty.  (Hmm.  That would explain her  wardrobe…)

Hmm- –it looks like she’s been out “gathering” again.


I have no clue what they’re from, or why one has a hole in the middle.  But at least they are almost our favorite colors.  (That red’s plenty orange, if you ask me.)

I can’t imagine what she plans to do with them.  Spaghetti tongs?  Cat spankers?  Really gaggy tongue depressers?

Let’s see…. Uh, huh.  Just as I thought.  If we make them clap, we get a pretty good plasticky “slap.”

A little online searching has turned up their provenance and use.

I will tell Sigyn that we can use them to applaud the human female every time she does something right, like making lunch or taking out the garbage.  Positive reinforcement, if you like.   (She’s a little…. slow, but I’m hoping she can be trained to perform simple tasks.)


In reality, I plan to take one little collection of fake phalanges in each hand and SMACK them together right under nose every time she nods off over her computer or does that staring-into-space thing that creeps me out.   A good startle never hurt anyone.

>|: [


Yule Marketing, Part III: It Might Be Time to Get Out of Here

Sigyn has been distracted away from the constellation Ursa Gummosa Majora by something bright red in the housewares department.  Sigyn, do you even know what that is?


Because I sure don’t.

But there are some interesting candle enclosures over…



Love her dearly; can’t take her anywhere.

>|: [

A Most Interesting Catalog, Part I: Unlimited Creatures

The human female has brought home a most interesting catalog.  Instead of photographs of all the goods, there are little paintings.  Sigyn is quite intrigued because it is all ANIMALS.


Yes, my love, that is a very fine whale.  But where would you put it?

Sigyn is intrigued by the spotted whatsis.


I am more curious about this microcephalic lynx.

Ah–butterflies.  Sigyn likes butterflies!


Predictably, she likes the little red one, while I think the big green one is magnificent.

Ah, hoofstock.  I do appreciate a good set of horns!


But I think the giraffe is defective.  Possibly some corgi in its bloodline.

I can take frogs or leave them, but I have seen videos of this little fellow, number twenty-two.


It would be a most amusing thing to put one of these in the human female’s backpack.  Or her lunch sack.

Sigyn is very excited about the items on this page.  I can understand her enthusiasm.  Marsupials are very handy, what with their convenient pouches.


Sigyn has always wanted a quokka, but I’m more of a numbat aficionado myself.

I can’t help thinking the shipping on all this is going to be murder.

>|: [

Oh, Look! It’s a V. I. P.

The human male was helping sort out the flotsam and jetsam from a lab whose Principal Investigator has decamped for a different academic backwater.  Amongst the left-behinds was this wire whatsit.

No, Sigyn, I’m not sure what it is either.


Oh, of course!  It is a Very Important Paperclip!


Sigyn is beyond thrilled because not only is it RED, it has a great big “S”!


What?  Where are you going with it, my love?


Ah.  I bet I know…


She’s going to add it to her growing collection of red fasteners.


All contributions to which, gratefully accepted.

>|: [

Greetings From the Midst of the Gaming Weekend

Well, here we all are.  In the party room in the humans’ neighborhood.  People have been going in and out, there is every sort of non-nutritious food, and the noise is deafening.  I’ve been having fun doing a little mischief here and there.  The AC is out, there has been a family squabble leading to a huff and a snit, the lunchmeat the human male bought has gone green and furry, and all manner of little annoyances.  It’s the medium in which I work best.

So far, Sigyn and I have not played any games, although there is one in progress that looks interesting.

It certainly has pieces in pleasing colors.


I think I can sell these chunks of copper for a pretty penny.


The silver and gold, now.  I’m not selling them.  I’m going to pile them up and roll around in them!


Mine!  All mine!

Hmmm.  Interesting.  I do not think the mortals know what they have here.


Or else they’ve forgotten just what I can do with a tesseract

This is a very interesting game, but there is something about it that I find distinctly off-putting…


>|: [

Whirlwind Getaway, Day 2, Part Two: The Humans Don’t Know When To Quit

Triple ugh.  If anything, it has gotten hotter.  The humans are all drippy and wilty.  They think it is time for lunch.  Lunch someplace cool.

(later) What?!  By my pointy little horns, these two have NO imagination.  They have returned the SAME restaurant at which they ate yesterday, and have ordered the exact same dishes.  Pitiful, that’s what it is.

Somewhat restored, we have all returned to the garden to see what other delights there may be.

Look, Sigyn!  There is an (indoor!) exhibit of miniature trees.  Come stand next to one for scale.  I don’t really understand the mortal fascination with making things as small as possible, but I will admit it—this does look like a regular, large tree.  Very well done.


The gentlemen at the entrance said we could vote for our favorites in the show, but this specimen doesn’t have a number.  Oh, I see why.  This isn’t a tree. It’s a fern or something.  Sorry, Sigyn.  I know you like it.  You’ll just have to wave and tell it it’s doing a very good job of being a fern in a tiny pot.


Sigyn is hoping that if she is quiet and polite, the two old men will invite her to have tea with them.


Great Yggdrasil!  Look at the roots on this one!


I think this one has been hitting the fertilizer pretty heavily.  Someone should put it on a diet.


Well, that was edifying.  Onward.

Sigyn never can resist a statue.


Careful, dearest.  She looks possessed.  Or as if she’s about to drop you.

Now we have found a greenhouse full of something called “begonias.”   Here is a nice planting of some with very colorful leaves, all grouped around what is billed as a reflecting pool. 


I’m afraid that all it really reflects is the fact that no one has filled or cleaned it recently.

Sigyn is having fun identifying which plants in the bed are alike.  It is like a horticultural matching game!

I like the green ones, and I like how each blade grows in a spiral.


Sigyn, of course, prefers the red.


Now we are in search of the scented garden, which the human female wants very  much to see.  We are standing right where the map says it should be.  Oh, no!  Have the staff decided to close it for refurbishment?


What bad timing!   What a shame!   Ehehehehehe.

Speaking of time, how late is it getting to be?  I GUESS WE’LL NEVER KNOW, WILL WE?


Don’t look at me. It was like this when I got here.  I swear.

We have moved on to the perennial garden.  Daylilies do not come in red, but Sigyn likes the yellow just fine.


Alstroemeria.  Now THAT comes in red.


Looks like they are out of garden guides.


Yes, Sigyn, this is a cute little “fixer-upper.”  And it would be fun to live in a garden.  But it’s, um, a little lacking in the windows department.  Not to mention that to go in and out we’d have to detach the whole front wall every time.

Also consider that it has no air conditioning, which on a day as hot as this one, is a real deal-breaker.  Whew!  I don’t know about you, but I am ready for a nap and a shower.  Not necessarily in that order.

>|: [

More Fun With Chips

As I mentioned in one of the comments on my tortilla chips post from earlier this week, the human male recently purchased several bags of “holiday themed” chips.  Now it just so happens that the usual yule colors correspond to Sigyn’s favorite color and mine.  We are therefore quite interested in these chips.


Must be good–the humans have put TWO clips on the bag!  We can divide them up.  I can eat a half a bag–can’t you?  The green ones are mine and the red ones are yours…


I don’t know Sigyn–these are awfully brightly colored.  I may have to come up with a spell to protect us from all of the horrible dyes that are surely in them.

(Note:  “Totopos de maiz” is Midgardian for “not a color found in nature.”  It’s true. I looked it up.)

Here… Here’s another one for you.


Are you sure you don’t want to try the green?


>|: [