sigyn is too beautiful to need makeup anyway

Sigyn, I Do Not Think I Like This…

Sigyn has had opportunity recently to have a ride in the car belonging to the Blue-haired Goddaughter.  This small white vehicle was in need of a bit of a clean-out, with all sorts of interesting rubbish strewn about.  Sigyn carried home a few things and is showing them to the human female as things she’d like to try.


What?!  Whoa!  What is this?  “Urban Decay”?


While that sounds very full of mischief and right up my alley, I don’t like the thought of my Sigyn and “naked” together out in public.


And this is just entirely too much!  Sweetie, I appreciate your interest in edgy cosmetics, but let’s see if we can’t find you some with better names.

>|: [