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This Is Sigyn’s Favorite Catalog

There are still a few days left before Yule. I’ve asked Sigyn what she wants for her present. As usual, she has opted for an experience rather than a gift. With the museums closed, though, doing that this year may be a bit difficult. I’ve suggested that she look through a few of the catalogs in the house to see if there’s anything she likes. With my magic, I can have a gift here almost instantaneously. No need to rely on Usually Smashes Parcels Significantly, Unrepentant Package Squashers, or Fed-up and Exhausted!

Sigyn likes animals, so this may be a good place to start:


What about a bear, my love? You like bears.

Although this one looks as if it might have some giraffe in its background. We should keep looking.

This one looks to be all bear:

Somehow, I can never look at one of these black and white ones without getting an Oreo craving…

What do they have besides bears?

“Spotty kitty!”

BIG spotty kitty!”

You don’t think we have enough Feline Felonies in the house already?

What on earth is this thing supposed to be?

Giant aquatic rodent? Suuuuuuure…. I think someone’s making things up over at WWF…

Sigyn thinks the sea lion looks like it is singing.

“Fish, fish, O beautiful fish! Come fill my belly, oh that’s what I wish.”

Or maybe it’s just yawning.

Anything you want, Sigyn. No matter how big.

“Loki! Look at the stripey stockings! Could we get one of these?”

Oh. Oh, no. This was a bad idea.

Sigyn was under the apprehension that this was a catalog we could use to order actual animals. She is heartbroken to learn that one orders a stuffed animal and the money goes to fund conservation efforts.

It really is the safest way to hug a snow leopard, sweetie.

Ah, don’t cry, my love. Look–over there! It’s a different catalog. Let’s go look at that….

>|: [ : (

P.S. Midgard makes NO sense. There’s another WWF, one that has nothing to do with animals. One of my favorite bits of foolery is this clever mashup between the two WWFs:

Pin on The Best Medicine

It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets—Part II: Topsy Turvy Beasts

An unusual game has just been brought out, one the human male received for his just-past birthday.  It involves trying to balance various animals on a plinth.  The animals are all angle-y and intriguing.

Sigyn, stop!


You just met that bear!  You don’t know if he’s friendly or not.  And maybe he doesn’t like hugs.

I do not trust the eagle-condor-vulture thing, either.


Back, winged fiend!  I know she’s snack-sized, but restrain yourself!


The octopus, however,  is very friendly— and quite good at shaking hands.

This beast seems tame as well.


What’s it called?  “Warthog?”  This must be the human female’s game piece, yes?

Sweet Glittering Bifrost!  What is that?!


The game rules identify it as a Mythical Omni-Beast composed of some aspect of each of the others.  It has warthog tusks, a shark fin, the toucan beak, bear paws, and so on.  It’s a good thing it appears to be gentle, because Sigyn is thoroughly smitten.

No one knows what this piece does.


Looks like the humans have managed to get the shark, the warthog, and a crossing symbol onto the plinth.  And a Sigyn.


Ah!  Now it all begins to make more sense.


The plinth is magic, and each animal piece has a small spell attached.  The magic can communicate with a computer so that the animals become part of a narrative on the screen.


The object is to keep all the animals alive by “feeding” them “energy” with the polyhedral pieces that must also be balanced on the plinth.

The “cross” game piece does just that–it crosses two of the animals currently on the plinth.


Which is how we managed to make a Ruffled Swinejaw


I will admit, this is amusing.  It is giving me all sorts of good ideas for beasts I could engender to form part of my army.

So far, the humans are playing in what they call “co-op mode”, in which they all join efforts to stack as many animals and generate as many bizarre mutants as possible.  That is all well and good, but where is the competition?  Where is the striving?  I think we need to invoke Battle Mode, where a card deck comes into play.


That way, I can play cards like this:


Or this! 


Truly!  I think I have found MY game!

>|: [


A Very Colorful Fall Walk, Part III: ‘Tis The Season For Poofiness

If there’s anything Sigyn likes more than colorful things, it’s fuzzy things.  Today, we seem destined to run into both.

These little asters may look daisyish and harmless now,


but when they’re done blooming, the fluffy fruiting heads will spread these plants all over the neighborhood.  It’s a full-time job trying to keep them out of lawns and gardens.

This  bluestem grass has much the same dispersal strategy.


I’ll have to make sure some floofs find their way into the human female’s hair and socks.

By Fenrir’s Woolly Winter Underwear!  What have we here?!


Ah, I see now.  It’s one of those weather-prognosticating lepidopterans.  Supposely, one can tell how severe the winter is going to be by the proportion of black to rusty brown in their coats.

Judging by this nearly-all-black one, we can expect a damp and chilly winter with…


…a ninety percent chance of snuggles.

>|: [

Sigyn’s Great Gardening Adventure, Part II: A Bountiful Harvest

Sigyn has been in the garden for quite a while now.  She’s been weeding happily in the vegetable patch, and the other gardeners have told her that for her help, she can pick whatever she likes.

Eggplant, carrots, cabbage.


It’s all going in the little green barrow.


Hum te tum, hum te humpty tum!


Where is she going with all of this?


Oh. I see.  


Sigyn is making new friends.


It’s quite the cozy little dinner party!

One last photo to remember the day by:


I never get tired of her beautiful smile.

>|: [

Sigyn’s Great Gardening Adventure, Part I: The Community Garden

Sigyn gets...ideas sometimes.   Inspiration can strike seemingly out of thin air.  I’m not sure what’s triggered this round of enthusiasm, though I have a sneaking hunch it might be the radishes she sliced the other day.

Whatever the impetus, Sigyn has now declared that she’s going to start a garden.  I’ve tried to explain to her that this town is cursed with a salty clay soil and that the local water is also horrifically salty.  The summers are brutal.  Not much will grow here, and that’s a fact.

We’re lying here on the lawn, in the shade, discussing just what her prospects are.


My beloved, however, has a sunny optimism that nothing can daunt.  She is not deterred.  Perhaps the soil somewhere else in the city will be better?  And maybe someone has already made a good start and could use some help?  She’s set off, therefore, for a Community Garden she’s heard of, in hopes of snagging a plot of her own.

Well, she’s found it.  The people look friendly enough, I suppose.


They’ve told my sweetie that she can help out wherever.


I’m not sure that big rake is going to be useful in the raised bed of carrots.

Sigyn is squealing.  The garden has a chicken!   There’s a feeder/waterer and a coop and everything!


Are there eggs in the coop?


There is!  And it’s still warm!


Oh, it’s beautiful here.  Sigyn’s admiring the trees and lawn and shrubbery.  There are a lot of flowers here too.  She’s definitely in her element!


The beds are full—and they seem to be coming up on the lawn as well.  They clash a bit with the red thing, though.   Sigyn, is that a post box behind you?

Yes, yes it is.  Is there something inside?


Uh, oh.  Looks like the chicken doesn’t always leave the its nascent offspring in the coop.  I wonder how long this has been here?


Quite a while, I assume.  ‘Cause I’m pretty sure that eggs aren’t supposed to be gray.

>|: [

Play With the Food/Eat the Toys—What’s the Diff?

The human female’s tall, somewhat spooky nephew…


…who, from this getup, looks like he might be employed in the nearest local steampunk abattoir, actually has a job in a cute little sweet shop.  In the spirit of familial playfulness, and considering certain important people’s color preferences, he has brought home a selection of red and green delectables.

These remind me of something, but for the life of me, I can’t think what…


I have constructed for myself a regal throne.


It’s a bit knobbly to sit on, but it has the advantage of being nommable if you get a bit peckish while you’re reigning.

Sigyn, on the other hand, likes animals so much that she’s made herself a zebra.


Or maybe it’s a llama.  Or a horsey.  Or, since it is Yule-colored, I guess  even “reindeer” is not out of the question.

This candy’s neither red nor green.  It’s a suspicious shade of brown.



Great Frigga’s corset, Sigyn!   Don’t lick it!  You don’t know what it is or where it’s been!

You managed to eat your way through to the middle already?!  That was fast.


Sigyn says it tastes just like banana bread inside.  Interesting.

Ah. Gummi bears.   Everyone likes gummi bears.


Your little bears are very cute, my dear, but look at this one!


Rawr!!!  Now that’s a bear!

Sweet glittering Bifrost!  This one’s even BIGGER!  


I just hope we can outrun it if it decides to be fierce!

Luckily, it appears to be a gentle giant.

Sigyn, where did you get the itsy-bitsy bears?  Now you can tell the Story of Four Bears–Papa Bear, Mama Bear (who appears to be having a bit of a nap), Wee Tiny Baby Bear, and Baby Bear’s Even Tinier Sister.


Now one fine day, the morning breakfast was too hot.  “This porridge is too hot,” said Papa Bear.  “This porridge is too hot,” said Mama Bear.  “This porridge is too hot,” said Baby Bear.  “Ah babababa goo!” said Tiniest Bear, who couldn’t talk yet.

So all four bears went for a walk in the forest while the porridge cooled.  They had just turned for home, when suddenly…

…a big Giant came down and made Mrs. Bear into a widow!


Wow, that went to a dark place in a hurry…

>|: [

A Most Interesting Catalog, Part I: Unlimited Creatures

The human female has brought home a most interesting catalog.  Instead of photographs of all the goods, there are little paintings.  Sigyn is quite intrigued because it is all ANIMALS.


Yes, my love, that is a very fine whale.  But where would you put it?

Sigyn is intrigued by the spotted whatsis.


I am more curious about this microcephalic lynx.

Ah–butterflies.  Sigyn likes butterflies!


Predictably, she likes the little red one, while I think the big green one is magnificent.

Ah, hoofstock.  I do appreciate a good set of horns!


But I think the giraffe is defective.  Possibly some corgi in its bloodline.

I can take frogs or leave them, but I have seen videos of this little fellow, number twenty-two.


It would be a most amusing thing to put one of these in the human female’s backpack.  Or her lunch sack.

Sigyn is very excited about the items on this page.  I can understand her enthusiasm.  Marsupials are very handy, what with their convenient pouches.


Sigyn has always wanted a quokka, but I’m more of a numbat aficionado myself.

I can’t help thinking the shipping on all this is going to be murder.

>|: [