sigyn makes friends easily

A New Yule Tradition–Day Two: To Market, To Market

We slept very well in our cozy little camper last night.  Of course, the fact that I conjured up a very soft and downy featherbed, a two-person bathtub, and a breakfast of crepes and fresh fruit just added to its charm.

So now we sally forth to see what delights this charming town has to offer.  It’s supposed to have a famous open-air market in the square, so that’s where we are headed first.

Sigyn is beside herself!  This farmer breeds an extraordinary sort of reindeer, one with a long and silky coat that he sells as fleeces or which his wife spins into yarn.


They have brought one of the beasts with them and Sigyn is losing no time making friends.  I suspect we will be tarrying here for a while…

Look, Sigyn!  This next stall seems to carry a lot of merchandise that looks like your friend Muffy.


Pick her out a nice souvenir and I will magically post it back to her. (I’m not trusting anything to Fed Up and Exhausted!)

Ehehehe!  I should have known!

snow globe

We may have been deprived of seeing glass in the museum, but if there are glass paperweights or snowglobes anywhere, you can be sure my beloved will find them!   That gingerbread fellow is almost as tall as you!

Oh, now isn’t that cute?

cat mug

Sigyn says this mug reminds her of the Terror Twins back home.  She wants to know if I miss them.  Sweetie, last night’s dinner was the first I’ve had without cat hair in months.  No, I don’t miss them.  But I do wonder if Taffy is still sleeping on the human female’s head, the way I’ve been teaching her?  (I don’t have to actually be present to annoy the human female!)

>|: [

¿Quienes son todas esas personas? (Sigyn habla, practicando su español)

Loki y yo todavía estamos confundidos porque comimos todos los dulces.  ¡Creo que él se comió su peso en Skittles, y sabes que nunca puedo decir “no” al chocolate!

Hoy estamos en el mercado, buscando alimentos saludables para comer.  Vamos, Loki, compremos algunas verduras y frutas.  Y no, las manzanas confitadas no cuentan.

¡Escucha! ¡Oigo musica! ¡Vamos a ver de dónde viene!

Aquí hay un grupo de hombres con grandes sombreros y instrumentos musicales.

day of the dead1

Siempre he querido aprender a tocar el acordeón. ¡Quizás este caballero me enseñe!  Loki no confía en ellos…

No sé cuál es la ocasión. Oh! ¡Quizás sea una boda!  Aquí están las damas de honor, y esa debe ser la novia y el novio.  ¿No es bonito su vestido?

day of the dead2

Sí, me gustaría estar en la foto.  ¡Gracias!

Oh Loki! Mira los perritos huesudos.  ¿Podemos llevarlos a casa y alimentarlos?

day of the dead3

Supongo que los invitados a la boda han devorado toda la comida, porque el gatito pobre también parece hambriento.

day of the dead4

¡En lugar de frutas y verduras, creo que hoy compraremos comida para mascotas!

: )

Strange Fruit

We had a nice cold front come through last night, so now it really does feel like fall.  All commercial over-hype aside, I will admit to being a *little* ready for All Hallows.  It’s always fun to see if the human female is going to dress up and try to be uglier than she already is.  I mean, there’s only so much makeup can do!  And if she chooses a costume that hides her physiognomy, so much the better.

Yes, I feel I can welcome the festivities with equanimity.  See, it’s another pumpkin and I don’t even feel stabby, and–


Sleipnir’s Fetlocks!  What in all the Nine Realms is that!?


It’s too small to be the human female trying on her costume!  But did you ever see such an unlovely face?!

Don’t worry Sigyn–I’m ready and the instant it does more than stare, I will blast it into pie filling!


Faugh!  Foul Fiend of the Field.   Begone!  Return to your accursed pumpkin patch or I will carve you an even uglier face!


Um.  Or I guess you and Sigyn could make friends.


That…  That works too.

I end up with more weird acquaintances this way…

>|: [

Fun At the Convention, Day 4: This Place Is Full of Riff Raff

Gamers come in all shapes and sizes.  Little children like quick-playing games with cute characters and bright colors.  Women seem to like games with a social component.  Party games, they call those.  Your stereotypical strategy board gamer is a male, on the farther side of thirty, and nursing a big mug of Dr. Pepper.

I’m not here to meet people, though.  Other than to recruit them to my army.

Sigyn, on the other hand, wants to get to know everyone.

She’s entirely too trusting.   I shall accompany her as she does her little meet-and-mingle, because some of the attendees seem very odd.  I want to make sure she doesn’t get into  any trouble.

This character, for instance…


You, there!  Who are you?  What are you?


Besides purple and stoned-looking.

Whoever he is, he seems to have taken a weird paternal interest in my beloved.  I suppose that’s all right?


Though I’m deeply suspicious of people who won’t make eye contact!

Sigyn–look at this yellow fellow.  Didn’t we see his photo or read about him somewhere?  Isn’t he someone famous?  Or infamous?


I seem to recall something about being too lazy to get out of bed…?

Norns’ nighties!  DON’T LOOK, SIGYN!  He’s out of bed now–and not wearing any pajamas!


Sigyn, I think where you are standing is the only thing keeping this photo from being NSFW…


Time for a hasty retreat.

Whew!  What an eggceptionlly unpleasant encounter!

And here’s another shady-looking character.  Yes, you, with your beady eyes!


What’s your game, eh?  What’s with the branches and the berries?  Are you some kind of nature freak?


If you are, you might be just Sigyn’s sort of people!   All right, Sigyn, this one you can talk to!

>|: [

Fun At the Convention, Day 1: Thanks For All the Fish

The human male has made the annual sacred pilgrimage to big board-game convention in the Big City to the North–and this year Sigyn and I have come with him!  It was a long car trip, and the smell of nerd is strong in the air, but it means several days away from the human female, so I am 100% on board with this.

There is so much to see and so many people I could talk to–if I wanted to.  Which I don’t.  Sigyn’s having fun exploring, though, so I’ll just tag along with her and make sure she stays out of trouble.

Right off the bat, though, she’s discovered a labyrinth of some sort.  It’s all made out of ice—rooms and corridors and low-linteled doorways.


The cold doesn’t bother me (Jotun blood being superior).  I’ll put a little spell of warm protection around Sigyn so she doesn’t catch a chill.

Captain Spangles’ gymsocks!  What is that smell?!

Ugh!  Who lives here, and why do they have fish just lying around?


Oh.  Penguins.  That explains the stray osteichthyes over there.


I’ve never really had much use for penguins.  Beady eyes, fish breath, and always dressed up like they’re headed for a party to which everyone else is not invited.

Sigyn’s making friends, though…


I did not know penguins came in these colors.  I trust them even less now.


Oh!  Looks like this time we have been invited to the party!


Where they’re serving raw fish.

Figures.  Indulge in proto-sushi if you wish, my dear, but this is one feast I think I’ll skip.

>|: [