sloppy doppelgangers is totally a band name.

More Is Always Better

So just what did I receive in the mail yesterday?  Which of my spells needs a little help?

Why my Loki duplication illusion, of course!

Aaaaaand–ta da!


Sleipnir’s fetlocks!  Look at those sloppy doppelgangers!  I must be out of practice.

(I’m the real one in the lower right.)

Concentrate… Concentrate


All okay back there?  That’s better.


Ready to take over Midgard!  Which is Loki, and which is an illusion?  Can you tell?  Thor never can, the dolt.  He falls for this trick every time.


Sigyn knows which one is really I, but she’s still a little shaken up.   Too much gloriousness at once will do that to you.

Yes indeed, we are all going to have fun with this spell.



>|: [