In the Sewing Room, Part 1– Chaos Reigns

You’ve been spending hours and hours in the "craft room," working on the Norns know what.

Come to think if it, I know what exactly what you’re making.


A bloody great mess.

Believe it or not, I didn’t have a thing to do with that pile there. This knotted snakes’ nest of little satin ribbons for dolly clothes, on the other hand…


I’ve started keeping track of how much time you’ve spent untangling them over and over. It’s adding up in a most satisfactory fashion. (But I think the green ones may need to come home with me. And Sigyn needs the red ones.)

It’s very important to have a nice, sharp needle in the sewing machine. A dull needle can snag or skip stitches and is quite frustrating. But didn’t you say you were pretty sure you have a whole packet of spares in here someplace?

I’ve found it! Let me fetch it for you.


Sadly empty. Well, rats.


No, I don’t think the fabric store is open at 10:00 at night. Oh, too bad!

Eh he he he he he.

>|: [