someone please open a dim sum parlor in our town?

Mischief in Houston, Part I: Some Disappointments

The humans have a holiday from work today, so they have picked up a friend and driven to the nearest large city. But ehehehehe! I whispered in the merchants’ ears, and all the shops they wished to visit are closed! No fountain pens or quilt fabric for YOU!

They are consoling themselves with dim sum. While we wait for friends (including the female’s Kinttery Friend) to meet us, Sigyn and I are exploring the windowsill forest.


Ah, the friends have arrived and we are feasting on various nibbly dumplings, stuffed puffy dough balls, things cooked in leaves, and tarot balls with miraculous prognosticatory powers. I will make a prediction: the humans are going to be devastated when they learn that this restaurant is closing next month. Wherever will the human female get her Woo Gok fix now?

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