stealing is fun

A Yule Celebration, Part II: Easy Come, Easy Go

It appears that is now time for another strange Midgardian Yule tradition, the scrambling of the gifts.  The humans have made a game out of it — each participating person brings a gift and draws a number out of a hat (or other suitable receptacle).  The person who has number “1” can choose to open any of the gifts.  The next person may either choose a gift of his own or STEAL the gift person number 1 has.  If person number 1’s gift is stolen, person number 1 has to open a new gift.  It proceeds from there, with each new person either opening one of the remaining gifts or STEALING from a previous person, the only stipulations being that one cannot steal back what was just stolen, and no gift may be stolen more than twice.

Stealing.  I like it!

Some of the gifts are silly.  Some are rather nice.  Each person tries to provide the most sought-after gift and to acquire–and hold onto!–the item of their heart’s desire.

The human female and male have drawn a low number, which does not bode well.  They won’t have seen most of what is on offer by the time their turn comes…


It’s their turn!  Well, this isn’t too bad.  It’s a gift card for a highly-touted eatery.


The humans have been looking forward to the semester break, when all the students go home and it is actually possible to get a spot in a local restaurant.

But where’s the fun in that?  I have suggested to someone with a higher number that a little pizza sounds really good, so there goes the pizza card!

The humans have opened another gift.  Oh, too bad!  It’s an insulated travel mug!


They already have a bunch of those.  Now, if they want to get something better, they’ll have to praise its merits and hope someone steals it.

Success!  Someone has relieved them of the mug.  Here’s their third try at a really stupendous gift.


Oh, this is more like!  A gift card to the local cinema, so they can indulge themselves with whatever block-buster is currently playing.  Also included is this tartan, antler-bearing member of the Artiodactyla bedecked with a cozy muffler.


Sigyn is in love.

But I can’t let the humans hang onto a such a good present!  Everyone here is keenly interested and has dubbed it the Star Wars card.  It has been stolen almost immediately.

So now they are on their fourth gift.  I have steered them to a bag which has proven to contain this.  It’s a game of some sort.


A sort of gaudy, knock-off version of a game the human male already has (acquired, no doubt in a previous gift scramble).  Yay.

Oh, and just to up the mischief quota, I’ve seen to it that the gift bag also includes chocolate, which neither of them can eat!  Ehehehehe!


Look at all that peppermint deliciousness that they’ll have to give away.


Meanwhile, the Star Wars card has been stolen from the previous stealer by the parish pastor.

There are only a few packages left.  One is the one wrapped by the human female.  Looks like no one wants her twee little kittens.


What?  The game’s over?  The humans are STUCK with the game and the chocolate.   I love it when my plans work.

But, since I am not a heartless creature, but am always thinking of my beloved and her happiness, I have brokered an exchange with the priest, convincing him that peppermint chocolate is a good thing and that plaid reindeer are a huge bother.

Looks like the natty little cervid will be coming home with us after all.


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