A Holiday! Day 4, Part 2: More Planty Stuff

There is so much more to see at the garden. Sigyn and I have moved on from the succulents to the other extreme–plants that like damp places.

The Fern House is cool, leafy, and a little mysterious. Stick close, Sigyn! A body could get lost in here… It’s very primeval.


Ooooh. Now these are interesting plants! They EAT ANIMALS! Some of them make pitcher traps, but this group makes sticky nectar/glue traps. Careful, my love. While I am fairly sure you are large and strong enough not to become irrevocably trapped, you could still get covered in goop. If nothing else, it might not wash out…


I am trying to figure out how to acquire one of these beauties. If I can magically increase their size about tenfold, I will have something very efficacious for dealing with the cat.

>|: [