still in search of the elusive 1 ml beaker

What a Teeny Treat!

The humans’ Department is a place of comings and goings.  Sometimes, when a staff member or one of the faculty retires or leaves for more verdant pastures, they leave behind treasures that others can sort through.  The human male says that he has snagged a present for Sigyn.  Come here, my sweet, and let us see what it might be!

Great Frigga’s hairpins!  


Look at all that tiny glassware!  Sigyn has an almost unnatural fondness for the stuff.


She says the stirring rod is a good fit for her hands; feels very natural.

The human female says this round-bottomed one is a “one milliliter Florence flask.”  


What?  The individual bits of glassware have names now?  Why “Florence”?  Why not “Millicent”? Or “Esmeralda”?  I will never understand how Midgardians think.

Ah, well.  At least, my love, we need have no fear that you can become trapped in the tiny 5 ml beaker.




Not even that way.

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