stupid humans

Bits and Pieces, Part 1–Helping

The human female and her workplace companions have been engaged in a truly pointless pastime. Why would anyone want to take a perfectly good picture, cut it into little pieces, and then spend hours putting it all back together?

Human stupidity notwithstanding, I am actually very good at this sort of thing, because I am naturally brilliant and quite perceptive when it comes to patterns. For example, I have deduced that this puzzle depicts various Midgardian organisms. (You’d think biologists would have been faster at this, but nope.)


I have assembled something called a Coelacanth, a sort of very ugly fish. Note that it is incorrectly labeled! "Sarcopterygii" is not the name of the fish. Rather, it is the class the fish belongs to. Its proper name is Latimeria. Duh. Everyone knows that.

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