success will be punished

A Much More Satisfactory Result

The human female is spoiled. She received nearly everything she wanted for Yule. Among her haul was a new kite-string reel, one with raised edges that won’t let the string slip off. And here it is!

Sigyn approves of the color! The new string is very strong and looks as if it will tangle less than the old string. Surely can’t be worse than this:

It is good and breezy out, so we are going to the park across the street for a test flight. Time for some mischief!

Time to assemble. Remember, Sigyn? The dowel ends go in these little pockets.

Ehehehe! The human female has discovered that the new swivel I provided for attaching the string to the kite is too stiff to close. She’s trying really hard!

And trying!

And trying! Good to know that IF she can get it on, it’s not coming off in a hurry.

Beautiful! She’s had to traipse back to the house to get the pliers to get it closed. And now tramp back to the park.

She’s done some reading about now not to have the kite crash every three minutes. The wind is blustery and changeable today–let’s see how she gets on…

Attempt number one: It’s up! It’s up! Look, Sigyn, it’s waaaay up there!

And the new line makes this fantastic SCREAMING sound when the wind picks up!

Oh! Oh! Brilliant! A concentration lapse and a fickle gust downed the kite! The string goes over some small trees, over the clubhouse fence, over the other side of the clubhouse fence, and then down on the grass beyond. She’s going to have to do some climbing, cutting, and swearing, I’m sure of it!

Great Frigga’s Corset! I don’t believe it. I just don’t believe it! She was able to wind and pull, wind and pull, and get enough tension on the line that the kite soared up off the grass and carried its string off both fences and out of the tree! Grrr! We can’t have that! Mistakes in technique should have consequences.

Attempt number two: It’s up again! Looking good…

Aaaand. Down again. This time over the clubhouse roof and down the other side.

Well, poop! She managed to fly it free again.

She even has the video evidence to prove it! (camera dives; kite stays up)

She’s all in a good mood now. I’m going to have to do some serious tinkering with her equipment or she will be insufferably cocky forever. Fortunately, I know where she keeps the kite…

>|: [