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Revenge of the Flora, Part 25: Bloopers and Out-takes

Never a dull moment with this cast!

seed packet topple

“Oops!  Hee hee hee hee!”

sunflower down1


sunflower down2

“Look, if I can act in this silly bonnet, you can deal with the tennis shoes.”

rosebear down

“Now who’s clumsy?  Eh? Eh?”

now sigyn is down

“Hee hee hee hee!  Ow.”

bananabear down

“Dude just slipped on his own peel!”

celery down

“Whooooooooaaa!”  Thud.


“Hawkeye–did you come to work drunk today?”

“Shut it, Trash Panda.”




“Hulk crash, drop puny cornbear!”

spidey hanging

“I’m, uh, dangling, here.  Little push?”

“Sorry.  Too busy being dead.”

all fall down

“Ashes, ashes, we all fall DOWN!”



Revenge of the Flora, Part 24: Behind the Scenes

Shenanigans from the set of Revenge of the Flora.

“Why is everything a joke to you?”

“Hello?  Billionaire, Genius, Playboy, Philanthropist, and Smart Ass!


Steve and Tony arguing about dialogue in an early version of the script.


“Loki, you need to talk to Wardrobe.  Your cloak is looking a little the worse for wear, and we haven’t even shot the battle scenes yet.”

“Tell me about it.  The budget on this picture is laughable.  Did you notice that no one has a costume change?”



Over in Hair and Makeup:

“You have such pretty hair, Sigyn.”

“Thanks.  I like what you’ve done with yours, too.”

“I’m toying with the idea of changing my bow to in front of my other ear.  What do you guys think?”

“Bold move.”  “Go for it.”



“Good work,  young man.  Your reflexes are becoming even faster.”

“Thanks, Your Highness.”


T’Challa and Spider-Man keep in top form with a little sparring between takes.


Shooting the action sequences against the green screen:


“Pew! Pew! Pew!  Zap!”

“We’ll add the sound effects in post-production, Loki.”



“Watch out down-set!  I am going to throw Mjolnir now, and this is the heavy copy!”



96-bts-spidey greenscreen
“¡sʎnƃ ‘uıɐƃɐ sıɥʇ ʎɹʇ ǝɯ ʇǝן ¿ı ɯɐ ‘ǝuǝɔs sıɥʇ uı uʍop ǝpısdn ǝq oʇ pǝsoddns ʇou ɯ,ı  ¡ʎɹɹos  ˙ʇooɥs„


Meanwhile, over in Props…

“Sorry, guys.  You’re never getting these back!”


Revenge of the Flora, Part 20: Credits, Continued

Location Scouting:  Human Female

Editing:  Human Female

Post-Production:  Human Female

Special Effects:  ILM  (Industrial Lego Magic)


Stunt Coordinator:  Sticky Putty

Stunt Doubles:  All characters performed their own stunts!

Props:  Human Female


Catering:  Human Female, Sculpey, & Fimo