switching handwriting doesn’t help either

The Pen is Mightier Than…Nothing, Apparently

So, the candy was a bust, with no one happy but Yelp.  My Anti-Steve campaign hasn’t borne fruit yet.  Maybe it’s time to use my words.  Hmm. That might work.  I’m Silvertongue, but I’m not bad on paper, either. I will write Sigyn a letter.  I’ll be able to get all the words right and she’ll be sure to understand.

Paper?  Check.  Non-stripey-starry pen?  Check.


Odin’s Eyepatch!  That makes me sound so… needy.


Well…  I’m sorry we’re on the outs.  And I’m sorry I tumped over that thrice-blasted apple cake.  But I’m not sorry to be fighting for the woman I love.


And I’m sorry I’m so wrought up that I mis-wrote her very name.   Unnnnngh.


Please… what?  Tell Steve to go chase himself?  Promise not to ever, ever leave me?  Forgive me for the candy debacle and the ruined cake?  Grrrrr.  This won’t do.


And that’s even worse.  “Purple,” Loki?  Is that the best you can do?!  What do you hope to rhyme that with, huh?  “Burple”?  Yeah, that’s gonna win her back.

Grrrrr.  Oh!  I know what’s wrong!  How could I write anything properly with the wrong color ink?  A green pen–that’s what I need!  I shall fetch one and try again.




I give up.


>|: [