tell the human female she does not need 200 colored pencils

The Mini-est of Breaks, Part IV: I Could Do A Lot With The Contents of This Place

We have moved on to a–to use the human female’s stupid word–“ginormous” art supply store.  Sigyn is quite artistic, and she is entranced by the aisles and aisles of paints, pens, pencils, paper, and other goods, some of which do not begin with the letter P.  The human  female and the blue-haired god-daughter are grabbing handfuls of things and moaning over the expensive colored pencils sets and tubes of watercolors.

Pffft!  Anyone can make scribbles, but it takes a real mastermind to make good mischief.   Just thinking about what I could do with the contents of these jars is making me hyperventilate a bit…


Who knew that GLITTER came in so many wonderful colors?  I even like that word,”Glitter.”  Glitter.  Glitterrrrrrr.   I think I’ll pick two or three colors and liven up the human females sock drawer, backpack, and needlework tote…

It appears that the store has a fair number of toys and trinkets, in addition to canvas, gesso, and sketchbooks.  Sigyn has left the gold leaf and bone folders and made the acquaintance of some friendly mice.


Careful, love.  I thik that one on the right may be an R.O.U.S. and not an actual mouse.  And that pumpkin-headed fellow does not look as if he has your best interests at heart.

This fellow looks a little friendlier.


Let us take him home and introduce him to the human female’s garden…

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