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A Most Superior Market, Part I: A Heaping Helping of Hesperidia

It never ceases to amaze me that the first thing the humans want to do after eating an enormous lunch in the Big City to the South is to go to the large food market and buy more things to eat.  I think the human female has an inner Volstagg or something.

It looks as if the produce department is all about the citrus today.

This sort is purportedly large enough to engage in weight-based wrestling sports.

central market 1

I actively disbelieve.  These are defnitely not sumo-sized.   I could take one single-handedly and reduce it to pulp in a trice.

Now THIS is a sumo citrus.  Rawwwr!

central market 2

Oranges after my own heart:

central market 3

Dark, complex, and bloody.

Meanwhile, Sigyn has found some fruit that are more her size.

central market 4

Remember the trick with this sort, dearest.  The rind is sweet and the pulp is sour, so you have to eat the whole thing at once.  Think you can do it?

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