that was uncalled for

Great Frigga’s Hairpins, There’s Another One!

Sigyn and I and the human female are taking advantage of the cooler fall weather to take a little stroll on campus without all the moping and sweating that can come with just crossing the street in this part of Midgard.  Of course, it is possible to avoid the moping and sweating completely at any time of year if we just leave the human female behind.

Sigyn, did you—what the…?  I thought we’d seen all the bizarre sculptures on campus. There was the weird, swirly green statue.  And then the other weird, bubble-gummy one.  But what’s this thing?


What does the title card say?  “Woman and Man.”  Really?  Which part is the man part and which part is the womany bit?  The human female says the round part is the woman part because it’s graceful and open and welcoming.   Fair enough.  Sigyn is all of those things.

But wait–!  That means the man is the… blockhead.  Not nice.

Sigyn wants to have a closer look.


Interesting use of…um…welding and..uh…polishing…and…angles.  I guess.

Still, it’s an interesting place to sit and watch all the mortals walk by.


Pick out someone nice, Sigyn, and we’ll go home with them instead.

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