that’s what killed the dinosaurs they died of shame for being so gaudy

Two Degrees and This is How She Spends Her Time

Not all of my mischief is created de novo. No, oftentimes I can simply nudge a natural process along.  Calamitous catalyst, that’s me!

Take, for example, the set of posters that hang in the hallway in the human female’s workplace.  They depict (somewhat fancifully, and with vastly improbable assemblages of organisms) Life on Earth during the Various Geologic Ages.  Everything from Primordial Ooze to great furry mammoths outfitted in ways that would assure their survival on Jotunheim.

Sadly, they were printed with inferior inks which were not at all light-fast.  Red and yellow seem to fade the most, meaning that the posters tend to slowly fade to monotonous, uninspiring shades of blue.  A little tweak to the spectral signature of the fluorescent lights hanging just above, and the process accelerates marvelously, leaving images that look like this.


big before2

Pitiful.  How are the students supposed to learn anything when the illustrations look as if they were drawn by some moppet with only one crayon?

It’s extra-sad when you realize that these were special posters with real fossils glued right on!


You can’t fool me.  Those are just landscape gravel.  No?  Prove it.

Anyway, it’s triply sad because the Purveyor of Squiggly Things does not sell this set of posters anymore.  Oh, no! Whatever shall we do?

The human female got about this far in her stilted reasoning. Then she got the bright idea to re-color the posters, all seven of them, with colored pencils.

So here we are, watching her put her artist’s skills to work.  (Keep in mind, this is the same woman who draws mutant eels on her meeting notes.)

Fenrir’s fleacollar!  It pains me to admit it, but she’s actually doing a half-way decent job…


A bit over-imaginative as regards Archaeopteryx‘s plumage, but still, commendable.  I shall have to intervene.

Poof!  Now, out of the four sets of colored pencils at her disposal, one quite extensive, only ONE will actually write on the paper.  And it’s not the big set with umpteen shades of green so necessary for tastefully tinting Triassic trees.  Nor is it the set she picked out as swag at a product show.  Oh, no no no nope!  It’s her own personal, expen$ive $et.  Ehehehehe!

Oh, and I may have kicked a few of the colors she’s using most of…


broken pencil

>|: [