the baby cloud has his daddy’s nose

Soft Things…

Sigyn is extremely tenderhearted and sentimental–and an absolute pushover when it comes to “cute” or “fuzzy.”

Earlier, I was trying to explain to her, while hiding the human female’s tweezers in the bag of cotton balls, that the “Triple Size” on the label indicates the large size of these particular puffs, not that there are three different sizes in the bag.  I am having to explain it again today.  You see, Sigyn–

Huh.  Bless your sunny little heart.  You’re right, dearest.  There are three sizes.  It is probably a manufacturing defect, but sure enough, there are a few whoppers and one or two slighty-bitties in among the standard larges.

She wants to hug them all.

And did I ever mention that Sigyn also has a thing for markers?


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