the flowers of the native Bacopa are nowhere near that big

Posies vs. Pens

We have all had about as much museum as anyone can have in one day. I.e.: Head full of new information; no room for more. It must, therefore, be time to go shopping.

The humans, of course, have gone straight from the museum to the Purveyor of Pens. There are some new inks the human male wants to see if they have, and the female just likes to look. However, it has not been all that long since we were here, so you can be sure I’ll be bored the minute we get out of the car. And a bored Loki is likely to misbehave.

The human has suggested that, rather than open the display cases and mix the prices around on all the fancy fountain pens, I take Sigyn down the block and visit the nursery/florist on the corner. Given the way Sigyn is bouncing up and down, I think she likes the idea. Well, then, my petal, let us perambulate!

My sweetie has zoomed in, like a wee hummingbird, right to something showing some red coloration.

It looks like an open cabbage crossed with a rose. I’m sure the human female would say that’s “botanically impossible,” but she’s not here, so pffft!

Most of the outside display is devoted to spring bedding plants.

Sigyn, with your red outfit against those bright reddish-purple flowers and green leaves, you make a lovely picture indeed!

The Bacopa is not as bright, but still a nice foil for your red velvet.

I’d buy some, but I’m sure the human female could manage to kill it. For a botanist with a horticulture degree, she has a remarkably black thumb.

These little violets are a tiny bit purple, even if the tag says, “White.”

This reminds me—we should go out along the Neener Path sometime soon and see if the wild violets are up yet.

Looks like there’s a nice assortment of flowering bulbs, too.

Pardon me if I don’t stand any closer, Sigyn. Like the human female’s botanical rantings, the heavy perfume of hyacinths gives me a screaming headache.

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