the human female has the plumber and st. vincent (patron of plumbers0 on speed dial

She Can Blame It On Her Star Sign

Humans are shirksome creatures who are rarely willing to take the blame for their foul-ups.  When they can’t find another mortal on which to pin the blame, they will blame their luck, the “fates,” or even the universe itself.  Often, they blame the stars in the heavens.  According to the most superstitious of them, one’s life is controlled by the configuration of celestial bodies upon one’s natal day.  I know, I know. It’s completely absurd.

However, it does occasionally give me mischiefy ideas.  Since the human female was born under a “water sign,” I like to arrange moisture-related annoyances for her.   Malfunctioning irrigation systems are always fun, as are dripping faucets, gushing lab fixtures, leaky leftover containers, umbrella-less rainy days, fridge puddles, cat puddles, and broken water-glasses.  A lack of moisture can be employed as well, as witness by drooping houseplants,  failing shrubbery, and the ever-present moderate-to-severe dry eyes that plague her so.

I flipped a coin, so today is a too-much-moisture day.  This is the ceiling in one of the lab prep rooms.


We can’t have this!  Not only is it ugly, but wet ceiling tiles are not terribly fire-retardant.  Actually, I find that baffling.  You’d think that something WET would be better at NOT catching fire, but apparently not.  In any case, the human female has put in a work order for the tile to be replaced.


It hasn’t been replaced yet, because tile-replacer fellow determined that the leak is due to a faulty drain on the fourth floor (drat those Chemistry folks!)  And no, he will not fix it because that is not his job.  Physical Plant Services likes to keep things tidy with a Work Order  — and a bill— for each different phase of a project.  He will not look at the eerily similar problem next door, either, because that is a different work-order too.

And now we are next door, looking at another water-damaged ceiling tile.  Actually, it looks pretty GOOD right now.  Yesterday, the tile here was soggy, brown, and rotted and and, in fact, entirely different.  It was replaced yesterday afternoon.  Today the new tile is wet, spongy, and threatening to fall upon the cases of goods on the shelving unit.  (Hence the plastic sheeting.)



The tile-replacer folks (two of them this time), have determined that the cause of the leak is a leaking ice maker on fourth floor.  (Drat those Chemistry folks!)  And because the fates, the stars, the universe, and one particular Jotun have it in for the human female, they have FIXED the wayward ice maker but will not fix the ceiling tile!  It’s too wet up in that ceiling.  They’d just have to do it again, so they’re letting things dry out for few days.

No worries, though, because they’ve created a work order for someone to come and replace the tile…

And in other maintenance news, there’s a weeeeeeird noise coming from the ceiling outside 304…


The ceiling is VIBRATING rapidly and noisily, and it’s enough to shake the door of 303.

I think I know what the problem is.  Chemistry needs an exorcism because the fourth floor is obviously possessed.

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