the large market

These Trips Get Shorter and Shorter, Part III: A Colorful Finish

The humans usually finish one of these jaunts with a trip to the Large Market, and today is no exception.

The plantings in front of the market are enjoying one last bit of warm weather before things turn colder.

CM-Octobre 2019-1

The human female has, of course, headed straight for the apples.  Kanzi is one of her favorites.


What?  You don’t like this one with the special dimple?  Snob, that’s what you are.

What Lovecraftian nightmare is this?!  Sigyn!  Get out of there!

CM-Octobre 2019-2

Oh.  Right.  I do remember this “beast.”  It’s just a harmless buddha’s hand.

The floral section is a lot less alarming.

CM-Octobre 2019-4

What are those spiky silvery-blue ones?  I like them.

Sigyn likes these red and yellow ones.

CM-Octobre 2019-3

But I think the zinnias are her favorites.


Ah, my petal–you are the prettiest thing here.

>|: [


No visit to the Big City to the South would be complete without a visit to the Large Market.  I don’t really expect to find anything new or exciting, but Sigyn likes to talk to the fruit and flowers and sing little songs to the lobsters in the tank, both of which I find completely adorable, so it makes my day.

Sigyn says the label means these fruits speak French.


“Bonjour Monsieur Banane! Vous avez l’air très ensoleillé aujourd’hui. C’est un jaune très flatteur.”

“Don’t worry, apples.”


“The new crop will be coming in soon, but I’m sure someone will buy you before then.”

The store is decorated with semi-locally grown flowers today.


Sigyn wants a boost so she can reach up and make the snapdragons actually snap.

They’re really pushing this sausage.    I wonder how hot it is?


And if the humans would notice if I slipped it into their recipes?

Sigyn thinks this wine’s  goat label is cute.


Nice horns, I must admit.

More goaty stuff:


Fig and black pepper goat cheese?  That sounds just like the frou-frou sort of thing the humans would eat.  I bet they actually buy some.


“Miss Peony, you’re sure looking cute!

“Your ruffly dress is a beaut!

“I certainly think

It’s a nice shade of pink!

And real comfy to sit in, to boot!”

My sweetie the poetess, ladies and gentlemen.
>|:  [

Has She Finally Succumbed, Part IV: Fancy A Bit of a Marketing,Old Chap?

We are finally on the road.  However, we do not seem to be GOING anywhere!  We are crawling s l o w l y down what ought to be an expressway.  Sleipnir’s fetlocks!  Why is nothing moving?

In the interest of not having the human male explode, we are taking a brief detour to one of this city’s Large Markets, in hopes that the traffic stupidity will have abated by the time we venture out again.

Well, this is different.

The Large Market frequently has elaborate promotions, focusing all of its time, attention, and floor space to a particular food or a particular season, or a particular corner of this pitiful planet.  (If you recall, Sigyn and I stumbled upon a previous celebration once.)  What are they championing this time?

Oh, this is familiar!


I can just tell that the human female is about to be overcome with nostalgia. This is a tiny store, as far as Large Markets go, but it still seems to be full of all sorts of Limey comestibles.  By all means, let us explore!

But first–the requisite  meander through the produce section!  Sigyn, of course, is smitten with the red pears.


These are organic, so each one is its own peculiar shape.  Definitely more interesting than regular pears.

The tiny potatoes, evidently, are also squee-worthy.


And here is a horse  dragonfruit of a different color.  I did not know these came in yellow.


Now she has both of her favorite colors!  But they are definitely not British!

Let’s see…   Ah, yes.  The bakery seems to be doing more with the theme.  Sally Lunn cake, treacle tart, and a plethora of scones.   Mmmm….  The human female has chosen an orange-cranberry scone and plans to start in on it right away.  I’ve yet to find the perfect–



Um, hello, old chaps!


I know a bloke who likes to try all sorts of strangely flavored chips crisps.  Right this way…

>|: [


Mini-Break, Part V: The Requisite Visit to the Large Market

It wouldn’t be a trip to the Big City to the South without a visit to the Large Market.  I will admit it—Midgardian food is much more diverse than Asgardian fare.  It’s meat, ale, bread, ale, fruit, mead, cheese, and ale back home, but I never know what we’re going to find here.

Oh!  These, mortals!  Purchase some of these!

blood orange

I don’t know what they look like inside, but with a name like that, it’s bound to be spectacular!

What do you have there, Sigyn?


Ah.  the sign says, “pepino melons,” but the human female says they’re more closely related to tomatoes and potatoes than cantaloupe or watermelon.  Regardless, Sigyn is hugging the stripey one.  She says she thinks it’s probably sad because it’s not like the others.  Leave it to my beloved to feel sorry for fruit.

One of the best parts is the opportunity to sample all the things the helpers are offering as samples.

fruit spread.jpg

It’s sweet, it’s fruit, and it’s red!   It’s the Sigyn trifecta!

The Large Market has apparently started stocking Fine but Overpriced cookware in Sigyn’s favorite color.


And this is new as well!  If  I understand correctly, these are glutinous rice balls filled with ice cream.   We’ve had the plain ones before with the red bean paste inside—but ice cream!  That’s different!


The human male wants to try the vanilla, Sigyn wants strawberry, and I’m stumping for Double Chocolate.  Give me all the chocolate…

As always, Sigyn likes to round out her visit to the Large Market with a stroll through the extensive floral department.  Sometimes she finds exotic blossoms, but today’s she’s quite taken with the roses in her two favorite colors:

Sunny yellow,


and cheerful red.

flame rosess

They are no more beautiful than you, my love.

>|: [

Predictable, But Nonetheless Fun

The humans have made a last-minute, mad dash to the Biggish City to the West.  As is usual, we have made time to visit the large market they’re so fond of.  (They’re so predictable!)

Sigyn loves nothing more than exploring the produce department.  At the moment, she is communing with these tiny, solanaceous beauties.


The human male likes the market’s home-squeezed lemon-apple-ginger juice, but I don’t like the stuff.  Can’t stand to be around it.  So I’ve arranged not to have to share the car with any today.


That squealing noise you hear is Sigyn finding that the pasta aisle has jungle noodles.


I’d bet money, though, that she would probably hug them and not cook them.

Last stop is always the floral department.  The humans never buy anything, of course.  A) It’s too long of a ride back for flowers to be happy, and B) They’re cheap.

The posies sure look good on my sweetie, though, don’t they?


She’s my sunshine, all right.

>|: [

How Much Can We Cram Into One Day? Part III: Following the Pattern

After a long visit to the museum and an interminable visit to the pen store (which I will  not describe in detail, because we have done this before), the humans have adhered to their usual pattern and ended up at the large market.

Sigyn always likes looking at the produce here.   Today I think she is going in spectrum order.

Orange. (Or, rather, kumquat.)


Orangey-yellowy-reddish crabapples.


Dark red pomegranates.


There should be something maroon here, but we have other problems.


I think their sign-maker has been sniffing the Sharpie…

>|: [

Whirlwind Getaway, Day 1, Part Two: Mostly Art

Suitably fortified with spring rolls and bobba tea (I’m still not sure I trust those little black chewy things at the bottom) we are all ready for adventures.  But ugh!  Is it ever HOT.  I think I might like to adventure in an ice rink—the human female once went ice skating in this city, someplace downtown.  Of course, she’s too feeble-minded to remember WHERE, so we will all just have to roast.

Oh.  Well.  At least we are going to do indoor things today.  But Odin’s Eyepatch, people, does it have to be art?  I am not in an “art” mood.  I don’t want to be edified or uplifted, I am on vacation.  I want adventure.  I want thrills.  I want excitement!  I want—


—never to meet this gentleman in a dark alley.  He is properly fierce!  Well, as fierce as one can be with bows on their shoes and pumpkin pants

Perhaps he is merely giving art patrons what the humans refer to as “the stink-eye” because many of them are pausing for quite a while to ogle admire this young woman


who, though separated from him by several hundred years and the Bay of Biscay, would appear to be his sartorial relative.  (Or Sartoris relative.  Ehehehehe.  Art joke.)

The human female quite likes this next one, though I have no idea why.  She says it reminds her of the bridges in London (despite the fact that it was painted by a Frenchman) and that it “neatly captures one brief moment on a foggy morning and a little slice of city life; how the three figures, though occupying the same space, are separated from one another by class and preoccupation with their concerns.”


Snort.  What a lot of pretentious twaddle.  Probably she likes it because it is mostly blue.

Up close, this next one is a mish-mash of quickly-slapped on brushstrokes in varying shades of gray.


From a moderate distance, it does an astounding job of capturing the light on a quiet winter morning.  I can practically smell the wood smoke on the frosty air and hear the snow crunch under the old woman’s feet.  Looking at it more closely again, I see that I was right the first time.  It’s little slaps of gray paint.  Hmmm.

This next one is all slappy as well, and presents a street scene in colors not found in nature.


Supposedly, it is very valuable and shows “mastery in its use of yellow, an uncommon color for landscapes.”  Probably uncommon because if you were to put this thing in your living room, you would need to redecorate so as not to clash with it.

We have now wandered into the section of the gallery devoted to art from the Eastern portions of this realm.

Sigyn thinks these gibbons are funny.


I think that if a human mother dangled her offspring like this simian is doing, there would be authorities involved.  Still, it rather makes me wish that there were a tame and willing gibbon in our household, because those long-reaching arms would be perfect for getting things out of the tops of the kitchen cupboards.

The human female and Sigyn are in raptures over this gold and floral folding screen.  There is some serious plant-squealing going on!


The human female is peering at the flowers and making squeaky noises because, apparently, they are painted with such skill that they can be identified by genus.  She is particularly excited about what she says are little blue dayflowers:


Sigyn is quite familiar with dayflowers.

Ehehehehehe!   By Sleipnirs eightfold fetlocks!  This is splendid!  The human female has become so enthusiastic, peering closely and pointing and squealing that she has been asked by the guard to step back or, preferably, leave the gallery entirely.

I always said that too much botany would get her into trouble someday.


Having left the art museum, we are in search of one of those large markets that the humans are so fond of.  Their intent is to buy something interesting for dinner.  But first, a visit to a store that specializes in things to hold…other things.  The human female is enthusiastically telling the male (who has never been to a store of this chain) that it is a wondrous, yet dangerous place.

She’s not wrong.


Hang  in there, sweetie, Loki’s coming.

Now we are a the large market.  Sigyn approves their horticultural offerings.


She is also entranced by these heirloom tomatoes.


Beloved, you may not want to hug these weird things.  I am fairly certain that a good few of those do not conform to the usual spectral specifications for berries of the genus Solanum.

Moreover, I am reasonably certain that this is not a tomato.


>|: [

A Most Superior Market, Part II: Random Comestibles

Apparently we are not done shopping.  There is still the bakery to explore.  I am enjoying this greatly because the human female gave up sweets for Lent again, and she is making little moany noises at the almond croissants and tres leches cakes that she can’t have.  Hey, stupid, it was your idea to come in here.

I am intrigued by these triquetrous little treats whose name sounds like a cross between a sneeze and a throat clearing…

central market 8

Onward to the dairy section!  Sigyn is excited thinking that this brand of yogurt is especially for her

central market 6

No sweetie, I’m sorry.  I can see how you might think so, but read the label a bit more carefully.  We can buy you some, though, if you like!

central market 7

And this one?  No.  Sorry again.  It’s not really made from wallaby milk.  Yes, I’m sure.   I agree!  They shouldn’t put it on the label if it isn’t true.

Meanwhile, pardon the bad photo, but I’m planning to stealthily sneak these into the human female’s cart…

central market 5

Now that’s a penitential snack!

>|: [

A Most Superior Market, Part I: A Heaping Helping of Hesperidia

It never ceases to amaze me that the first thing the humans want to do after eating an enormous lunch in the Big City to the South is to go to the large food market and buy more things to eat.  I think the human female has an inner Volstagg or something.

It looks as if the produce department is all about the citrus today.

This sort is purportedly large enough to engage in weight-based wrestling sports.

central market 1

I actively disbelieve.  These are defnitely not sumo-sized.   I could take one single-handedly and reduce it to pulp in a trice.

Now THIS is a sumo citrus.  Rawwwr!

central market 2

Oranges after my own heart:

central market 3

Dark, complex, and bloody.

Meanwhile, Sigyn has found some fruit that are more her size.

central market 4

Remember the trick with this sort, dearest.  The rind is sweet and the pulp is sour, so you have to eat the whole thing at once.  Think you can do it?

>|: [