the scone was indeed delicious

A World of Dessert

Sigyn and I are doing something different and fun today.  The Biology Department graduate students are having an International Fair.  Different realms and different regions of this realm have set up booths staffed by festively-attired citizens serving different native comestibles.  What a good chance to learn more about lands and peoples I will one day rule!

The human female has been “grazing,” wandering around eating all the main-course samples, dishes with exotic names such as “shrimpandagrits,” “rice pillow-off,” and “filly cheese steak.”  (That last one puzzles me, as I thought horsemeat was not generally consumed in this part of Midgard.)  She has also tried a frightening-sounding dish composed of–and I am not making this up!–moldy corn kernels.  Unbelievable.

While she was peregrinating prandially, I couldn’t sneak bites of what she was having, but now the glutton has filled a second plate with sweets and left it unattended while she goes in search of beverages.  Quick, Sigyn!  Now is our chance!


There is quite an array of goodies, most of which I recognize.


But what is this blob?  (poke, poke, poke)


Sigyn has headed straight for the New York cheescake.  No surprise there.  (I have fond memories of New York.  I came *this* close to conquering it, you know.)

Uh oh.  I can feel something wet seeping through my new cloak.  I must have backed into whatever that gelatinous gray blob is.  Drat!  Now it will have to go to the cleaners, and they always use too much starch!*

Look, Sigyn!  Next to this delectable-looking scone is one of those Kingly Cakes such as I sampled last year.


I am still not sure about the purple sugar, but I appreciate that someone has produced one in my honor today.


I have learned that, rather than serving as a votive offering (after all, I do not eat children), the small plastic infant one might find in one’s slice means that one is supposed to provide the next cake.


Fenrir’s Fleacollar!  The baby is in my slice!  You can be sure that I am not shelling out any money to buy cake for other people to eat, and I am certainly NOT making a cake with my own two hands, so I will have to sneak the infant back to the serving table and sequester it in someone else’s piece.  Let someone else foot the bill!

>|: [

*I could magic it clean, of course, but I like to let mortals do my menial tasks.  Keeps them in their place.