the sheep's name is Wallenda

A new New Year

It has come to my attention that some cultures of Midgard utilize a lunar calendar and reckon this as the first day of the new year. Different animals have been carefully chosen to represent each of the years in the twelve year cycle. This year is the Year of the Sheep or Ram.

Sigyn is celebrating by making friends with this fluffy sheep. It is an odd pale yellow color and has a strange, rattling baa and beady little eyes, but she loves it.


Animals dote on Sigyn and Sigyn will ride anything.


This year is also known as the Year of the Goat. I think that is a better name and most auspicious for me! Note the glorious sweeping horns, if you will. I can identify with this magnificent animal. (Except perhaps for the neck ribbons, which should be black and green.) Forgive me, Sigyn, but the Goat is a much nobler beast.


All honor to the hoofstock of your choice, and 新年快樂 !

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