the Terror Twins would probably chase thrown puzzle pieces so that’s an option too

Enoying Other People’s Presents, Part I: Bits and Pieces

It will surprise no one that I operate on the Cat Principle:  What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is mine if I can get my hands on it.

Having enjoyed my icicle, eaten my share (and more!) of cookies and bacon rolls, and laughed at the human female getting socks, I am now ready to explore other people’s Yule gifts.  If I like them, I may appropriate them.  If I’m unimpressed, I may…alter…them a bit, especially if the recipient really, really likes them.

The human female received this curious little box:


Sigyn says the creature on the cover looks familiar.

The box is labeled in a language I do not read, and my Allspeak is not helping very much.  I shall refer to the printed insert.


Odin’s eyepatch!  That’s no help!

Still, it’s a jigsaw.  We know how those work, don’t we, my petal?  It is well-sealed.  How fortunate that I always have a dagger about my person.


What odd pieces!  They are translucent, so one has to look carefully to ascertain that they are picture-side up.  I approve of the fact that many of them are green.  Sigyn appears to have found an eye.  Well done, my love!


We are making good progress.   We have mostly finished the Big Creature and the Smaller Auxiliary Creatures.  Now all that is left is the foliage which, even though it is green, is boring. 


I have reached my monthly limit of jigsaw.  Sigyn, I shall leave it to you to complete the image.

Ah!  I see you are down to the solid white pieces.  Since they are all roughly the same shape (though not identical), I fear that this is going to be trial and error.


All complete!


You can write it down, Sigyn:  “Dear Diary,  Today I completed a jigsaw puzzle four times taller than myself!”  That is quite an accomplishment!

Time to pack it back into its box.  I may  keep a piece for myself, though, so that the human female is never able to entirely complete it.

>|: [