there are no stamps in Asgard we just yell or send a messenger

Pressies from Far Places, Part I: Postal Plunder

The people in the humans’ department are from many places, they go many places, and know people in many places.  Sometimes they bring them back little treats.   (I don’t know why.  It’s not like they are interesting enough deserve presents. Probably it’s pity because the humans never get any farther than Houston.)

These acquaintances know that the humans are philatelic nerds, so it’s not uncommon for people to unload their foreign envelopes on them.  It’s sad, really, how excited they get over what is basically desk trash.  The human female collects stamps with plants on them, while the male likes coats-of-arms.

Uh, oh.  Flowers.  Looks like Sigyn is in real danger of catching another of the human female’s manias.


Um, Sigyn.  Look–look at the pretty temple stamp!   Or..or..this one over here–


Say, that’s some pretty impressive armor, though it could do with some horns… No!  No, Loki!  You do NOT need to get sucked in!

Sigh.  More plants.


Looks like I’m going to be sharing space with catalogs, tongs, glassine envelopes, and fat, dusty albums, doesn’t it?

>|: [