there goes the deposit on the suit

That went well. (Not.)

Last time I looked, *I* was the God of Mischief. There is clearly some other inauspicious deity at work, however, because my efforts to stage a coup at the governor’s inauguration were thwarted at every turn.

The champagne gave Sigyn a terrible case of the giggles, which turned into hiccups, which were cute– for about five minutes.

Then the limo driver refused to let us out until he was paid. He should be grateful to be allowed to serve me!

Next, I found to my chagrin that the new governor had already been sworn in earlier in the day! The weasel! Nowhere did it say that on the invitation.

Finally, the Thor-brained oafs working security at the Inaugural Ball last night did not take kindly to my attempts to seize the microphone and announce my glorious plans for a Texas free from gubernatorial and legislative bumbling. Everyone heard that Abbot fellow issue the historic Texan challenge, "Come and take it!" Well, I tried! I was tossed out unceremoniously on my be-tuxed godly posterior.


Sigyn, thankfully, was allowed to leave unmolested. Good thing for the party-goers, because if anyone had dared to harm so much as a hair of her perfect little head, I would have been forced to unleash a fury that would have leveled the capitol around their very ears.

No, I shall retreat strategically, rethinking my options and polishing my plans for control of this realm. Enjoy your cushy gubernatorial seat, Mr. Greg Abbott, but know that this is far from over.