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I’ve Always Maintained That She Has Beady Eyes…

Part of the human female’s Yule gift to her sister is the restringing of several broken necklaces, since the human female has a) more time for crafty nonsense, b) a huge stash of beads, and c) outgrown (recently) the infantile compulsion to either eat the beads or stuff them up her nose.

Here’s the bag the sister sent.

Rats! I was hoping things would all be jumbled together, but the sister has helpfully sorted them into bags. I can see I will have to do some mixing up.

Here’s one the human female has just repaired. Sigyn thinks the use of one of the bead caps as a tassel head is clever.

Don’t call her clever, Sigyn, it will only encourage wilder, more bizarre efforts.

Here’s another broken “beauty”

The female has recalled that she has a single silver filigree bead with an oriental pattern, somewhere in her stash. She thinks it would make a good “focal.” It is somewhere in the BBB –Big Box o’ Beads.

Eehehehehehe! I had scrambled the contents of the BBB so thoroughly that she literally had taken every. single. thing. out before she found it in the bottom.

And when she found it and tried it, it didn’t work! (I am so mean.)

(Somewhat later) She was so annoyed by always having to sort through everything in the BBB whenever she wants anything that she just spent hours sorting it all out, with the different types and colors sorted into clear bags and the odd bits of paper discarded. She made the completely predictable discovery that she has purchased little parcels of the exact same bead on more than one occasion. She is nothing if not consistent.

Even sorted, it’s a nightmare. The bead stash really is prodigious.

Sigyn has not yet seen the bag of all red beads and is instead fascinated by the bag that holds mixed samples.

I, of course, have gravitated to one of the two bags of green beads.

(Later still) The human female has finished the repair work she was undertaking and has decided to string up a few simple strands of seed beads for her own wear. This would be a simple task if I had not decided to

  • hide that bag of sorted beads she was just looking at.
  • joggle her elbow so she spills a good many tiny shines into her lap
  • see to it that whatever beading filament she chooses is always just a bit too large for the needle’s eye.
  • randomly shrink a few of the beads so that they stick on the needle
  • arrange it so that when she attempts to crack the offending stuck bead off the needle with the needle-nosed pliers she breaks her best beading needle
  • distract her so that when she’s making a second pass through the loop she skips a bead (or three) so that the finished strand has a lump

It’s good to have a hobby.

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