there's a genus named Myron–I bet all the other snakes pick on it

Walkies in the Library, Part III: This is more like it.

I have nudged my "walking" companions along to the section of the library which features more feelers and fangs and fewer roots and flowers.

Sigyn! Look at this book! All full of great, glittering insects in glorious photographic detail!


A whole page of red ones for you; a page of green ones for me. Don’t you wish they lived here, and were this big, so I could put one in the human female’s bed?

Oh, yessssss. Thissssssssssss issssssssssss sssssssplendid. A whole book of ssssssnakessssss.


Ehehehehehe! At first I thought the family name was "Boingidae," which would be a very good name for a family of rubber snakes. And oh, I quite like this little fellow. Such a cunning little pointy face. Is it too early to begin making my Yule wish list?

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