they show up once a year and we LOVE them

1…2…3… Agree!

I mentioned in passing that, even though the human female has been stuffing her face with cherries these last few weeks, Sigyn and I haven’t found a twin cherry to have our annual cherry pull.

It’s been disappointing because it’s a serious tradition around here.  Sigyn usually wins.  We tied once, and once she let me win, but usually she ends up with the bigger piece of stem and gets her wish.  Good thing for her she’s so cute

At last!  This particular bag of red cherries has a twin cherry waaay down at the bottom.


Are you ready, Sigyn?  I’m going to win this year, just so you know.



My beautiful, my most beloved, my supremely excellent Sigyn has just had the most brilliant idea.  Why struggle–why compete–why strive and make wagers, when we could both just agree to wish for the same thing and have done?

3…2…1… WISH!


Got what we wanted!

>|: 9