third time’s the charm

Would You Like to Try Again?

The Powers That Be have realized their mistake with regard to the jury summons the human female received. I’m sure that when someone pointed out their goof they were properly horrified. No one wants the human female to show up anywhere in her pajamas and slippers to sit in sleepy judgment on various and assorted miscreants.

Thus, at my instigation, they have sent out corrected summonses.


Tuesdav? Well done, court minion. Well done.

>|: [

Sooo Many Rescues

We’ve had a nice visit with the new neighbors, but it’s time to be heading home.   It’s beginning to get dark early these days.


Sigyn, are you getting that creepy, “something’s watching me” feeling on the back of your neck?



Where did she___?

Munnin’s tailfeathers!  Let go of my beloved THIS INSTANT, you cantankerous, carnivorous corvid!


Hang on, sweetie!  Loki’s coming!

Whew!  That was much too close for comfort!  All right, Sigyn, let’s just go home and make cocoa–



Get your freakish dwarven hands off my beloved, you big lizard, or I’ll Thera your pod into teeny, tiny, bony slivers!


That is NOT what I meant!

No time for witty insults!   Just…


Are you all right, my love?  I promise, that Saurischian menace will never bother anyone, ever again!

Let’s go home.

I think we need cocoa AND some cookies to go with–


I give up.

>|: [