this bit of dna codes for naughtiness

In Which Sigyn and I Go All Watson and Crick, Part III: Some Assembly Required

No more fooling around–we have DNA to synthesize!

I really was hoping that the red and green base pairs would fit together, but alas!  The makers of this model must have been unaware of my beloved and me, or surely the thymine would be green.


Looks like we will have to play by Bio Rad’s stupid rules about color.


Now that we have all the base pairs ready,  it’s time to link them into the sugar-phosphate backbone, making sure that the gray backbones run antiparallel to one another.  (Yes, I’m now reading from the instructions.  Why do you ask?)


(some time later)

Whew!  This is a smidgereen harder than I thought it would be.  When one part fits together, another part comes loose.  Grrr mumble mumble…

But.. blow trumpets, bang gongs!–here is our finished molecule of DNA, all properly doubly helical and everything.


Hmm.  Those base pairings really dolook more than a little unstable.  We can’t have any mutations in our nice, new DNA!  Oh!  I think I just figured out what the stickers are for–to hold all the little meshy teeth together.  Clever.

You realize, of course, that this would be even more complex if we were constructing a model of Jotun DNA.  Our is triple-stranded, so it is 50% superior to that of most everyone on this planet.  Now do you see why I should be god-emperor?

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