tiny shinies

Another Rattle-y Parcel

Another rattle-y parcel has arrived.

Either something inside is broken, or the human female has been ordering beads again. Three guesses, and the first two don’t count.

It is wrapped nicely–and politely, too!

You lift your end, Sigyn, and I’ll lift mine. One, two, three, UP!

Clever! A little printed ruler with wire sizes and bead diameters.

Sigyn appreciates the kitty.

Ehehehehehe! Look at these!

Not only did I manage to up the quantity when she was ordering so that she bought two instead of one, but these EXACTLY duplicate a bunch of beads she already has. They look different in online photographs, and she keeps being fooled. Sucker!

The larger, purple-lined blue ones are okay, but I think the metallic blue and coppery ones are rather “meh.”

This tube is full of cube-shaped beads.

Sigyn likes them and thinks they would be fun to play with. I hope no one tries to make me wear any.

Didn’t she get any GOOD green ones?

Sigyn likes the tiny mixed raspberryish ones, but what on earth is the human female going to do with the very, very pale pinky-flesh ones? Is that even a real color?

I swear, her taste is all in her mouth…

>|: [

An Uncountable Multitude of Tiny Shinies (In Which Sigyn Demonstrates Some of Her Many Skills)

I hear that the human female has received a box today and that it is in room 313.  Let us explore, beloved (and see if any mischief can be made.)

Inside the box there was a bag, and inside this bag there appear to be a number of smaller bags…  Whatever it is, it’s not getting loose in a hurry.


Great Frigga’s Corset!  The contents of the bags appear consist entirely of tiny beads! Has the human female finally found a way to make the University pay for one of her hobbies?


I can’t imagine a biological use for them, unless she’s going to make the gravel in the bottoms of the fish tanks a wee bit more colorful.

Ah.  Sigyn has reminded me that “The lab exercise uses the beads to simulate organisms, with the white “animals” being homozygous recessive for some trait, the black ones homozygous dominant, and the red being heterozygous.  The students scatter them into various colored rugs and then do “natural selection” by picking beads (predation) at random out with a pair of tweezers.  The survivors, unplucked, go on to form the next generation.  This is done for several generations, and the students do the math about changes in allele frequencies, using the Hardy-Weinberg equations.”

Sigyn!  When did you become so familiar with Population Genetics?!  I am impressed, to say the least!

Oh, Sigyn says she doesn’t know what all of that means, she just remembers hearing the human female say it, because the words are “silly and fun to repeat.”  Sad to say, that sounds more like my sweetie.  She is clever in her own right, but she is in no way the next Darwin…


Yes, this is much more her style.  Beloved, if you wish to make bead angels, you will need to take them out of the bag.

I find myself rather vexed.  Sigyn has her red beads to roll around in, but there is nary green bead to be seen.


Perhaps if I look through the catalog, I can find some to order.  With the Department’s money, of course.  (I’m not stupid!) In the meantime, I do like black.

(A bit later.) The human female has demonstrated her one brain cell.  Each color of beads needs to be divided into six equal portions, one for each lab room, plus a spare.  Acknowledging her pathetic lack of skill in counting that high, she concluded that it was easiest to weigh the bags, then divide the contents by weight and put equal milligrammage into each of six jars.  This she has done.  The jars of white beads and black beads are all tidily apportioned.


But I suspect the weight of one of the red jars is going to be a little off…

Sigh.  Hang on, Sigyn, let me get you out before you smother…

>|: [

Sigyn and the Tiny Shinies

Our second stop in the Big City to the South is Spice Shop Number Two.  We have managed to secure a parking spot right in front of the establishment!

Which appears to have been de-establishedSo sorry, human male!  Looks like you will have to order your urfa chilies online from now on.  You will have to console yourself with a trip to the Purveyor of Pens, which is fortuitously just in the next block.

Sigyn and the human female are taking this opportunity to have a good snoop in the bead shop which is next door to the defunct spicery.

Now, keep in mind the human female does not need any more beads.  She has bags and boxes and jars and strings and hanks of beads.  She and Sigyn must be part magpie, though, because it has taken them approximately ten seconds to dive into the broken- strand bin and start swimming.



Though I saw to it that they did not emerge with the bronze-colored jump rings the human female initially entered the store for, they have emerged with quite a haul.  There are three strands of faceted beads with the matching larger beads that they had to sift the loose beads for.


I heard the human female counting to fifty and muttering something about “decades”.  I can only assume that that is how long it’s going to take her to actually finish the project.

>|: [

Hobby Hijinks, Part IV: More Beeeads! (Sigyn Speaks)

Loki is off doing something with ants, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to look at some of the human female’s other new beads.  There are some she’s pretty excited about.

Oooh!  These are pretty!  Maroon with little golden squiggles.


They look as if they’d taste of cranberry, don’t they?

Oh, oh, OH!  Look at these!!!


Red flowers!  I didn’t know they made flower-shaped beads!   Hee hee hee!  I could wear them like a lei!

Ooo!  More flowers.  These are bigger and marbledy-pink-transparent.


More flowers!  I think the blue ones may be prettiest of all!


Eeeee!  green leafy beads!  I hope she has some left over from whatever it is she’s planning to make, because I can think of some things I’d like to use them for.

Sigyn! Are you all right?!  What’s wrong?  I could hear you shrieking from the other side of the house!”


“Oh.  That was happy-squealing, not the-human-female-has-cut-off-another-digit squealing.”

“Sigh.  Carry on.”

>|: [


Hobby Hijinks, Part II: About a Billion Beads

I’m continuing to devote my efforts this week to thwarting the human female’s attempts to enjoy her hobbies.  It’s going well so far:  Her mangled thumb is still rather useless, and it is still far too wet outside for enjoyable gardening.  The weeds are happy, of course, but all of her purpose-planted vegetation is looking distinctly underwhelmed.  (Just because we received an extra 13″ of rain last year and nothing has dried out since September…)

Today I am turning my attention to her love of beads.  She has a real passion for the “tiny shinies.”

Looks like a recent order or two arrived today.  Small, plump, rattly envelopes are always exciting.  (I think they’re funniest when they contain baby rattlesnakes, but I can work with beads.)


I’m sensing a theme here.  Blue, blue, and more blue.


I must examine them carefully and see if my magic worked.


Just as I planned! The human female ordered them online, only to find upon their arrival that she already has two of these.

Oh–it appears she ordered some “findings” as well.  It tickles me no end that they call them that.  It is certainly wishful thinking on the human female’s part, as I will see to it that the first thing all these tiny bits of metal will do is lose themselves in her bead box.

Augh!  She’s got churchy bits in there!   Have a look through them if you like, Sigyn, but you know I don’t “do” that sort of thing.


I’m out of here.

>|: [