try one of the cranberry scones

Music and Mischief

The humans are creatures of habit.  Each year about this time, they like to attend a concert at one of the local churches.  Now, being a Norse god, I’m usually not welcome in a church, but sometimes, when I absolutely promise to “sit there and shut up” (the human female’s words, not mine), sometimes they let me attend, just for the music.

Look at all the music-makers.


You’ll never find the human female’s name on something like this.  Don’t nobody want to hear that one sing.

After the concert, there is always a little recept-together in the parish hall.  The human female, who has had a cough and a scratchy throat since October, has made a beeline for the water.


I got there first.   Ehehehe.

Now she’s filled up her plate with goodies .


Please tell me that is not a big cockroach!

Oh.  I see.  Sigyn says that is something called a date.  That is all well and good, but someone else has to taste it first.   Looks like she also has some pumpkin bread and a bit of cake.

Mmmm.  It’s a lovely, boozy rum cake.  Loki approves.

Now, what is this?  The human female saw it when she went through the comestible line the first time.  She thought it was bread pudding and was about to take a great, big spoonful of it, when someone told her it was baked brie cheese with fruit, which she loathes with the passion of a thousand burning suns, fruit or no fruit.


But now one of her friends has tried some and says it is some sort of eggy custardy thing.   So now she’s served herself some and is eating it.

And making hideous faces.  Apparently there’s more than a hint of brie about it after all.  Ehehehe!  Now she’s back at the treat table, looking for something to take the taste out of her mouth!

Got what I wanted for Yule.

>|: [